Hesco launches Next Gen Law Enforcement Plates


December 2016, Alexandria, VA: Hesco is a leader in the design and manufacturing of American-made, thinner, lighter and concealable ballistic resistant body armor and at SHOT Show 2017, Las Vegas, Hesco will launch the next stage in the armor evolution.

Hesco launches Next Gen Law Enforcement Plates

Working alongside manufacturers and national distributors, engineers at Hesco are able to better serve federal, state and local law enforcement by developing next-gen technology, creating light and durable armor products specifically for tactical teams and first responders entering active shooter situations.

With a wide range of NIJ certified products, the new HESCO product line is designed to reduce manufacturing turnaround without compromise on performance, delivering the lightest and thinnest NIJ Level 3 Stand Alone plates available today.

Stephanie Victory, Chief Executive Officer of Hesco Armor,
“We have retained the fundamental elements that make Hesco a leader in personal protection and developed the next generation composite materials for our hard body armor. We have invested in state-of-the-art processing techniques, and further refined the manufacturing process to ensure every end-user can take advantage of weight savings without compromising operational protection.”

HESCO technology is dedicated to protecting those that protect and serve, and continues to achieve exceptional standards in both product and production to meet global demand.

Ryan Reed, Chief Operations Officer, Founding Director,
"Hesco has applied its time-proven innovative technologies to a next generation of materials to achieve never before seen performance.  Working alongside the world’s greatest material minds, Hesco is redefining what is possible with lightweight armor protection."

HESCO Armor is currently protecting local Law Enforcement, domestic intelligence and security services, first response and tactical teams and the brave servicemen and women of the military.

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