Runways and Helipads

Portable Aluminium Roadways, Runways and Helipads
for the Defence Industry

FAUN Trackway Limited, based on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, is the defence division of Europe’s number one municipal vehicle manufacturer, FAUN KIRCHHOFF GRUPPE.

FAUN Trackway designs and manufactures a range of high-quality portable access systems for use in military and civilian disaster and emergency relief operations at its internationally accredited production facilities in the UK. Read more »


Tactical Military Bridges

Tactical Military Bridges

WFEL is an established leader in tactical military bridging, supplying 39 armed forces across the world for over four decades.

Our expertise is built on nearly a century of engineering excellence and innovation - includes concept design, prototype manufacture and full scale production of a range of rapidly-deployable, modern bridging systems for use in military and disaster relief scenarios. Read more »

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