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Aireshelta plc has been providing rapid response shelter solutions for nearly 25 years and during this time, the company has developed and refined a product range that reflects today’s ever changing marketplace.

Owning your own Aireshelta enables you to react immediately and to speedily deploy and set up a work station, a control room, a mortuary or a hospital, in any location and perhaps under extreme conditions.

Rapid Deployment is an important feature of the Aireshelta product.

The success of Aireshelta plc has been built on a winning combination of great features and at its foundation is Quality.

MOD/Armed Forces

The Aireshelta concept has certainly been tried and tested by the MOD who has put the Aireshelta and Frameshelta through its paces time and time again.

The Aireshelta is not just an inflatable shelter :

• a temporary building.
• an emergency shelter.
• a mobile work station.
• a rapid response unit.
• a hospital/treatment area.

Common MOD applications include :

• Canteen
• Field Hospital
• Command and Control Unit
• Aircraft Hangar

A recent purchase by an Army Recruitment Team took the Aireshelta on the road to serve as their mobile recruitment office!

The Aireshelta

An Aireshelta is a robust and versatile piece of equipment: manufactured from high quality woven polyester with a laminate of flexible pvc on each side.

The AiresheltaThe Air Shelter can withstand extremes of weather and provide you with a secure and protected space in which you can be enclosed and shielded from the elements.  Weatherproof Flaps ensure that rain remains outside of the Aireshelta whilst in hot weather it offers air-conditioning!

The Air Shelter will also provide satisfactory protection from chemical exposure and complies with BS5867 re. anti-flammability.

Rapid Deployment is a key feature of this Air Shelter – a standard size Air Shelter can be erected by just one man within 2 minutes.

Each Air Shelter can be manufatured with service ducts to allow lighting, heating, refrigeration, etc. to be added as required; as well as windows, air vents, linkability and all round weatherproofing.

The standard Air Shelter is manufactured with a translucent roof that allows up to 80% of natural light to transcend into the chamber of the Air Shelter thus reducing the need for additional lighting systems.

Once inflated, the Air Shelter can withstand a small puncture or tear without detriment to the functioning of the Shelter.

The Aireshelta Car Pod

The Aireshelta Car PodThe Inflatable Car Pod Protects and Shelters your Vehicle whilst providing protected space for YOU to access all areas!

The NEW Car Pod has been designed according to a very specific brief for a functional “no frills” shelter that will serve as a working garage.

The Car Pod offers total protection from the elements and the privacy that a busy mechanic /race team needs.  Each standard Car Pod measures L5m x W4.5m x H2.4m which allows enough room for the car to be worked on/under with doors open, bonnet up, etc.

The standard Car Pod weighs just 30kg and packs up compact enough so that handling. transportation and storage are not an issue.  The Unit is speedily deployed and comes with its own 240v Inflation Fan.

CBRN Respirator Training Facility

Aireshelta plc has developed a safe and cost-effective way of delivering Respirator Confidence Training.

The inflatable RTF Units are available in a lightweight material – making handling and storage easy.

The RTF Unit is available in two sizes as standard (3.6m² and 4.5m²) however, as always, Aireshelta can tailor-make the RTF Unit according to any unique specification or design.

The Inflatable RTF Unit:

• Lightweight
• Immediate Installation
• Mobile
• Compact Storage

Lightweight Aireshelta

Lightweight AiresheltaThe Lightweight Aireshelta is ideal in situations where the shelter has to be manually transported before deployment or where it has to be moved during service.
 The Lightweight Aireshelta boasts the same features as the conventional Aireshelta:-

• air vents
• windows
• vehicle standing pads
• linkability

Yet, its lightweight properties offer an additional feature that make this product more attractive for remote deployment. The standard 3.0m Unit is very portable and can be packed into a ruck-sack. 

 When speed of deployment is critical and you need a portable shelter, the Lightweight Aireshelta is the best solution!

The Aire-Cushion

The Aire-CushionThe Aire-Cushion has been designed and developed through consultation. Its primary purpose is to operate as a Fall Arrest Bag that works by absorbing the impact of any fall yet it is designed to firmly protect and support the fall victim.

Special purpose air vents have been designed that control the deflation time of the upper cushion, thus providing the perfect landing for every fall – however BIG or small. The inflatable Aire-Cushion inflates within seconds and is lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre into place. Each Cushion can be customised re. Colour and Design.  Standard Sizes are: 4.5 x 4.5m, 6.0 x 6.0m, 9.0 x 9.0m.

Once deflated, the Aire-Cushion can be neatly folded, making it compact, easy to handle and easy to store.

The Aireshelta Inflatable Sentry Box

Inflatable Sentry BoxThe Sentry Box immediately evokes a sense of surveillance. It asserts an Official Presence at the Scene.  The Inflatable Sentry Box is Portable and Speedily Deployed – it is the perfect Security Point.

• Mobile, Lightweight & Easily Transportable
• Rapidly Deployed Security Method
• Offering you Shelter & Storage
• Ensures immediate Control of an Emergency Situation
• Allows you to be Seen & Promotes an Official Presence
• Simple Deflation, Portable & Compact Storage

Aireshelta was excited to deliver their first large order recently of Inflatable Sentry Boxes to the British Transport Police (BTP).

The mobile Sentry Box is a fantastic new innovative product from Aireshelta!

It’s a modern take on the traditional Sentry Box, offering functionality, yet the Aireshelta Sentry Box is a more practical and mobile solution to the need to formally mark and guard a territory.

Each Sentry Box, once inflated, measures 2.2m x 1.3m x 1.3m

Once deflated, the Sentry Box packs up very neatly for ease of transportation and storage.

Please contact the Aireshelta today to discuss your exact need and application.

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