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In an uncertain world where conditions in the field evolve rapidly, a fast and flexible, truly broad-spectrum response is essential to maintaining optimal combat efficiency and meeting increasingly challenging demands. This necessitates a willingness to change and adapt in line with quickly shifting operational considerations. Our rapid re-engineering and design services tackle equipment obsolescence and supply chain challenges by helping the end-user maximise the effectiveness of already existing resources. Providing comprehensive Defence Engineering Solutions to a variety of tri-service requirements, our extensive manufacturing, re-engineering and refurbishment facilities allow us to supply anything from small machined parts to major fighting vehicle spares. Whether the necessary solution requires optimization or re-design of existing legacy material or an entirely new design we can be relied upon to meet your requirements both now and in the future. This means that we not only save you time and effort, but will also make the task of dealing with new, asymmetric challenges affordable. Building on proven strengths, removing old known design flaws, and adding improvements based on comments and feedback from real-world operators means that defence organizations benefit from process of evolution, rather than revolution.

Because our engineering effort is always run in parallel with a process of extensive dialogue with the customer, long-term value is assured. Feedback from the end-user is one of the most important parameters that we can take into account when designing and delivering a new solution onto the marketplace.Our sophisticated CAD/CAM design and CNC machining resources – taken together with a proven manufacturing track record – makes Bassett Defence Services your perfect partner for meeting the challenges of the future – quickly, accurately and in accordance with all your design specifications/requirements.

Our capabilities and skills

•Powerful CAD/CAM resourses
•FEA anaylasis
•Aerodynamic and Flow study
•Precision CNC machining
•Welded fabrications
•Bespoke design
•Reverse engineering
•Extensive test and assembly facilities
•Refurbishment of in-service components/ systems
•Up grading of legacy designs

Defence Precision Engineering

Defence Precision EngineeringFounded in 1969 as Bassett Engineering, Bassett Defence Services has evolved from the role of a sub-contract machining outfit to that of a complete service provider in the fields of specialised design, manufacture, re-engineering, and refurbishment for the defence sector. Our output today includes a wide range of precision machined components, mechanical and electrical assemblies, weapons handling equipment and welded fabrications.

Defence Engineering Solutions

Defence Engineered SolutionsOffering comprehensive Defence Engineering Solutions for a wide range of defence requirements, BDS is familiar with a number of sophisticated manufacturing techniques. Precision machining, welded fabrications, procurement services, bespoke design and reverse engineering facilities are just some of the capabilities that allow BDS to efficiently answer the needs of the modern defence community.

GPMG Machine Gun Mount Refurbishment

Gun Mount RefurbishmentIn addition to manufacturing we also offer a service and refurbishment service on many assemblies. For example The GPMG Machine Gun Mount and asoociated spares.

Various types of machine gun mounts are returned to us in varying conditions where they are inspected, surveyed, disassembled and paint stripped. New parts are manufactured as required, reassembled and painted to specification. After a final inspection and test they are returned to the relevant depot.
Our Total Service Concept emphasises the need to keep our customers closely involved from day one. Combined with the advanced technologies at our disposal, this ensures that we quickly and efficiently meet all their requirements – on-time and to-spec.

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