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As the appointed Value Added Distributor in the UK and Ireland for Enersys, we benefit from the technical and commercial support of this global battery manufacturer. Our business activities fall into three categories of custom design & build batteries, DMS branded products and distributed products.

Custom Military Batteries

Red Flash - Battery Slave System with Lead Custom Military Battery - GUN on shipRedFlash - Deep Cycle Batteries  for Onboard Systems

Our technical team has extensive knowledge and experience of the various battery technologies and can develop and manufacture battery and charging solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our capabilities include energy harvesting systems such as solar and wind power systems. A recent contract involved the upgrade of the powerpacks for the Dillon M134D MiniGun installed on Royal Navy ships. Another contract involves the refurbishment and/or replacement of lithium batteries for location beacons on board RAF Lockheed Tristars.

Engine Start

High Rate RED FLASH 12 Volt Starter Battery Pack DMS technologies RF-850 RED FLASH 12 Volt Starter Battery

As the choice of the UK Military for over 12 years now, our 12V and 24V engine slave start units have proved to be robust and reliable. Used by militaries around the world, our packs have supported operations in the cold Norwegian winters and hot desert sun both in Op Telic in Iraq and Op Herrick in Afghanistan.  Used for starting a wide range of vehicles, including small and lightweight vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, battle tanks, helicopters, light aircraft and generators.

Portable Power Supply Units

Custom Made Portable Power Supply Units Portable Military Power Supply Units

DMS technologies also manufactures portable remote silent power units for use with surveillance and communications equipment in use with police, homeland security units and traffic management systems. Housed in rugged plastic cases these compact remote power units are silent in operation, do not emit exhaust gases as with generators, and can be secreted, even buried, during operation.

DMS technologies is also the producer of the Varley Red Top™ motorsport battery range, Red Flash™ high rate and Red Flash deep cycle batteries for the specialist vehicle and marine markets.

Our knowledge of providing battery power in more extreme, rugged environments has enabled us to supply Network Rail with trackside power solutions for signalling applications such as points switching and level crossings as well as for the TPWS (Train Protection Warning System) and general communications applications.

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