EUROSATORY exhibition 2018 - Paris - 11-15 June

The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018.

The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018. The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018.

Eurosatory is the world n° 1 exhibition in its domain. In 2016, the exhibition hosted 1, 571 exhibitors from 57 countries and 57, 024 professional visitors from 140 countries. 212 Official Delegations from 94 countries were present. Besides, there were 713 journalists coming from all over the world, as well as 8, 217 representatives of the armed and security forces from 103 countries.

Eurosatory brings together all the international players of land & airland Defence and Security domains as prime contractors, system designers and integrators, sub-contractors, but also high level and highly qualified visitors. Almost all the countries with a Defence and Security industry are represented.      

What about business at Eurosatory? 

Eurosatory is set up as a Business platform between all the players of land and airland Defence and Security from prime contractors to subcontractors. Many services and tools are developed to make their exchanges easier, to help the companies in their export strategy and to develop their Business and commercial opportunities.

The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018. The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018.

The Networking Exhibitors & Visitors service enables easier exchanges between exhibitors and visitors. Before the exhibition, visitors can prepare meetings with exhibiting companies who applied to this service. It helps them to make their sales force profitable, to boost their business opportunities and to plan important visits. One to one Business Meetings gather major buyers with manufacturers offering customized solutions. Concurrently, experts in industrial strategy from different countries are selected by Eurosatory with regards to their capacity to really escort, in their national market, companies looking for export outlet, and more particularly SMEs.   

At Eurosatory SMEs and microenterprises from land & airland Defence and Security domain exhibit amongst world-ranked players like Airbus Helicopters or Nexter Group. In 2016, there were 859 exhibiting SMEs or about 55% of exhibitors. They have many benefits from attending the exhibition. First, small businesses get access to qualified international professional visitors. Second, they benefit an important and lower cost visibility for their products and systems.

What is technology showcase of Eurosatory 2018?

With the unrivalled number of life-size equipment and weapon systems on display, Eurosatory is the leader in its domain. The exhibition is described as the place to unveil new technologies in world premiere. No less than 500 new products or services were identified at the previous 2016 session of Eurosatory. Many exhibitors take advantage of the exhibition to launch their novelties in world premiere to high media profile and high-qualified professional visitors. Eurosatory highlights all the equipment on display by technology clusters and theme-oriented itineraries available in paper version or via the exhibition’s IT application. They are real showcases for companies evolving in technology niche. Furthermore, even if the Defence products seem to dominate on the display, a closer look at the exhibited products shows a real balance between the Defence sector exhibitors (60%) and Security domain exhibitors (40%). More and more companies dedicate themselves to both sectors, which is due to the dual technology they use. Eurosatory is featured by its exhaustiveness promoting a complete offer in all the sectors it covers.    

The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018. The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018.

Eurosatory offers Exhibitor Conferences, another way for exhibitors to highlight their company and their products on a subset of their choice. To optimise the impact of their participation, the Organiser COGES provides Exhibitors with this additional high-impacting tool to promote their company, products or technology: product or system presentation, advance launch of a new product or system. The conferences offer a real visibility during the exhibition that is confirmed by the exhibitors’ satisfaction rate. Exhibitors conferences take place in an open conference room inside the exhibition halls.

For 2018 edition, Eurosatory has created an all-new Start-Up area dedicated to international start-ups in Defence & Security domain. Eurosatory will select most ground-breaking start-up companies to exhibit alongside 1, 500 other firms. The area will facilitate D&S Start-Ups to introduce and market their technologies to potential collaborators and key investors. There also will be start-up battle conferences and pitch presentations, a unique chance for start-ups to showcase their products and innovations to more than 57, 000 Defence & Security professionals.        

Why do they call Eurosatory 2018 a “Forum for ideas”?

In the presence of some 50 thousand of Defence and Security experts coming from all over the world to Eurosatory exhibition, it seems evident to discuss and to prepare the future of a safer world. 80 conferences and workshops were held in 2016 dealing with geopolitical, technological and administrative issues. These conferences are the real crossroads for reflection and enable participants to better understand the concepts and evolutions of the future of Defence and Security.    

What’s new in 2018?

In 2018, Eurosatory will innovate and improve the organisation of the exhibition. Two major changes: the opening of the hall 5B and a new live demonstrations area. The new hall 5B of 8,130 sqm completes the indoor exhibition area of Eurosatory and will be dedicated mainly to Security issues. The main entrance for people coming from car parks will be located at this hall. The entrances to the Halls 5A and 6 for people coming by train through the esplanade will stay unchanged. Live demonstrations zone will be moved on the area close to the exhibiting halls. Everybody will be able to come by foot to watch live demonstrations: a guaranteed time saving!

The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018. The 26th edition of EUROSATORY exhibition will be held in Paris 11-15 June 2018.

In 2018, Eurosatory strengths its security measures. Therefore, all persons attending the exhibition should pre-register online with their professional email address, uploading a copy of a personal photographic identity document, and present the ID on site.      

Moreover, Eurosatory 2018 offers a new international thematic event dedicated to CBRN issues and organised with the participation of French and foreign Ops Officers, exhibitors from the defence and security domains, State representatives, experts and VIPs. 

The 2018 edition, to be held from June 11 to 15, at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, will increase again this success and will confirm Eurosatory as the major exhibition for the players of this domain.


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