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Dereham Designs & Packaging Ltd are the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of bespoke military packaging solutions. For over forty years we have been at the forefront of this industry and we currently hold, jointly with the Ministry of Defence, the design rights to over 800 packaging designs. Our clients include some of the biggest names in the industry including BAe, Rheinmetall Defence, Raytheon Systems Ltd, Bvt and the Chemring Group.

Our technical  office are widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable in the defence packaging industry so you can be sure that we can solve any problems you have when packaging and through life transit of your explosives, electronics, weapons ,components and munitions are involved.

We manufacture bespoke timber boxes, plywood cases, tri-wall containers, plastic mouldings, steel and aluminium ammunition containers, CNC routed foam inserts, Bomb pallets, countermeasure and missile shipping containers as well as being an authorised Peli products distributer for their range of plastic cases for weapons, electronics and equipment.

Dereham Designs and Packaging Ltd have been an MoD design authority since 1967. We hold a MoD PDS contract for the design and manufacture of specialist packaging for explosives. Our technical department is regularly called upon by the MoD and other major defence contractors for our knowledge and expertise when the packaging and through life transit of explosives are involved.


Foam Packaging SolutionsDereham Designs and Packaging are specialists in supplying custom CNC routed foam inserts. We operate state of the art CNC routing machines with automatic 8 tool changers and workable beds of 10’ x 5’. This coupled with cutting speeds  of up to 40 meters a minute allows us to produce the highest quality work in the fastest possible time .Our knowledge of working with foam is second to none. From LD45 to LD70, from polyethylene to polyurethane, we know what works.

Some of our machines have the capability to machine to depths of up to 300mm, ideal for complex foam case inserts.

We can either work from an existing drawing you supply or you can let our design department operating the latest CAD/CAM software create the design for you.
Whether your routing needs are for a prototype, small batch or a high volume production run, we are able to offer a fast, accurate and flexible service to meet your exact requirements.


Military Ammunition BoxesDereham Designs and Packaging Ltd supplies high quality ammunition containers to the Ministry of Defence and worldwide defence contractors. Although originally intended for various ammunitions the containers are now regularly used for transporting explosives, detonators and other hazardous materials.

Any of the containers can be supplied with internal furniture fabricated in foam, timber or fibreboard and every container insert is designed specifically for the intended application.

Dereham Designs also has in-house marking, stencilling and embossing facilities to defence standards.

Ammunition boxes we regularly supply are featured below however we can also supply any current container including but not limited to H84’s, M2A1’s, M548’s and many others.

Please contact us for pricing and lead times.

Available Ammunition boxes include:

PA60, PA120, H82, H83, H84, A480, A980, M548, M2A1


Bomb PalletsDereham Designs and Packaging designs and manufactures various pallets suitable for transporting a range of weapons including the Paveway 4 PGB.

Pallets we regularly supply include:

• A1267 Pallet- Suitable for 2 X Paveway 4 PGB’s
• A1047 Mk1 Pallet– Suitable for various 1000Lbs Bombs
• A1047 MK3 Pallet – Suitable for 2 X 1000Lbs HE MK5, 10, 13, 18, 20 Bombs and practice bombs MK5, 15, 22
• MK80 Pallet Range - Suitable for MK80, 82, 83, 84 Bombs

Our Pallets have become the benchmark in pallet design and are currently in service throughout the world.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards, using the finest quality components, our bomb pallets are the best way to safely and securely transport and store your weapons.

Every material and component used on our pallets meets strict Def Stan’s and we maintain full traceability for QA purposes right back to material manufacture. Constructed using a robotic welder to ensure perfect welds every-time, all of our pallets undergo a full examination before being signed off. In the 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing bomb pallets we have only ever had 2 pallets fail inspection.

Dereham Designs and Packaging are able to design pallets for any weapon. We can then put the pallet through full testing to gain approval for use.

We also offer a refurbishment service anywhere in the world for the entire life of the pallet as well as refurbishment and upgrade kits for existing pallets in service.


Dereham Designs and Packaging specialise in the design and manufacture of cylindrical containers suitable for transporting and storing various rockets, missiles and countermeasures as well as their associated pallet and pallet adaptors enabling direct loading onboard navy vessels.

All of our containers are made to the highest possible standard and every design has undergone full testing procedures.

The containers feature foam and plywood inner furniture designed specifically for each and every application.

We can design and manufacture a container for any type of weapon or countermeasure and put the finished product through full testing in order to gain approval.


Dereham Designs and Packaging are able to supply all aluminium military containers including amongst others N54, N34, A1042’s and A1128’s.  We are also able to design and fabricate custom containers to any size for many different applications.

All containers can be fitted with fasteners, hinges and internal furniture and painted with either a wet system or dry powder coated.

Please call us to discuss further any aluminium solutions.


Timber PackagingOur wood shop has been producing timber packaging for over four decades. We specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality timber and plywood cases, crates and boxes for the ministry of defence and other major worldwide defence contractors. We also have in-house facilities for marking, stencilling and painting of cases to defence standards. We are an ISPM15 approved manufacturer and have the knowledge and capabilities to gain full MoD pack approval on new designs. All of our packaging has undergone full testing to ensure it meets with all current regulations and all the timber we buy is FSC sourced and HT65-35 ready for export. Our modern fully equipped wood shop operates the latest machinery including three table saws, 4 CNC routers and numerous lathes, bench drills, band saws and chop saws.

PELI CASES – ‘you break it....we replace it’

We are an authorised Peli dealer supplying there full range of unbreakable, waterproof and dustproof cases. We have a wide knowledge of their products and suitable applications and we are specialists in the manufacture of custom foam internal fittings.

We frequently choose Peli cases for military applications thus showing our confidence in their products and also offer a lifetime ‘you brake it weFibreboard Containers replace it’ guarantee on their cases meaning your sensitive equipment will never be without protection again. We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke foam inserts for the cases ensuring the utmost protection and aesthetics for OEM applications.


Dereham Designs and Packaging manufactures various packaging solutions utilizing many different types of boards. From a standard FEFCO code to a bespoke tri-wall container we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your requirements.
We are also able to offer more specialist boards if required including wet boards, barrier boards, black conductive ESD and coloured boards and have a vast knowledge of their suitable applications.


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