Cobham Antenna Systems Microwave Antennas

British Manufacturer of Directional, Sector, Omni-Directional and Ultra Wideband Antennas from 100MHz to 40GHz

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas are specialists in the design and manufacture of microwave antennas for defence, security and satellite communications.

Link16 Antenna for Ground-to-air Links Rugged Hemi Omni Antenna mounted on weather buoy UAV TELEMETRY Aerodynamic, light weight blade antennas

The company’s antennas are used worldwide in applications include Robotics and Vehicles, UAVs, Ground-to-Air, Ground Control  Centres, Link16, Radar, COFDM, Video Surveillance, Body Worn Systems, Electronic Warfare Countermeasures, Outside Broadcast and Tactical Communications.
The company is based at a single location in England.

Antenna Development Projects

Development projects are undertaken on behalf of customers for specific programmes.  Advanced modeling tools are used to enhance accuracy, with prototypes tested at the company's on-site anechoic test chamber.  Radiation pattern data ensures that antennas meet their quoted specification and radiation pattern envelopes.  Antennas are tested throughout design and manufacture.

Existing Catalogue and Variants

Antenna frequencies range from 100MHz to 25GHz, with over 1500 existing designs available.  Antenna types include ultra wideband, planar spiral, directional, sector and multi sector, blade-style omni or sector antennas, collinear omni-directional antennas, multi-octave bicones, hemi omnis and multi-stacked omnis. 

Ground Control Station featuring ultra wideband omni antenna Ultra wideband antenna – 2 to 18 GHz, model Ultra Wide Band and Multi-Stacked Antennas

Most antennas have a variety of options such as single or multi-band, colour, connector, electrical tilt and null-fill or side lobe patterns. Existing antenna designs can be customized.

High Gain Directional and Omni Antennas for Defense
Including Data Receive Stations and Man-Pack

Developed for Body Worn and Man Pack Communications Light weight, directional antenna (model DHD-2.4V/1448)

Directional flat panels with fixed phased-array and wide band patch technology provide a slim, low profile antenna with a discreet appearance. These antennas are rugged and sealed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Gains range from 7dBi to 32dBi. Sector beamwidth ranges from 5° to 120°. Polarisation may be circular, linear or dual. Omni antenna with up to 10dBi gain and stable azimuth patterns are used as central stations.  Multi Sector antennas can be deployed for higher gain and longer range.

Ultra Wideband Antennas for Defence and Countermeasures

Ground Control Antennas for Ground Robots and UAVs LINK16 High Gain Omni Antenna

Robust ultra wideband omni and directional antennas are being used for ground-based and airborne systems for Counter IED and communications intercept. They are also used for multi-band cellular applications such as communication in tunnels and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), EW target drones and spectrum monitoring.

Omni Antennas for S-band, UAV, Link16, or Vehicle Mounted

Collinear omni antennas have up to 10% bandwidth and provide up to 11dBi gain, whilst multi-octave bicones provide 2dBi gain.

Omni Antennas used for transmission of video surveillance An array of Directional Antennas

Circular polarisation, excellent azimuth ripple and customised elevation beam patterns, all combined to provide an accurate, reliable antenna for the most demanding of communication systems.

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