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Pulsatrix - Innovative Technical Solutions - Camera with lens

Innovative Technical Solutions BV (ITS) is a highly experienced Electro-Optical, IR and Thermal camera development and production company. We develop extraordinary camera systems for highly demanding defence, police and security and industrial customers that require a solution they can’t find on the shelve. Night vision surveillance systems, High Dynamic Range cameras, multi-spectral cameras and EO/IR fusion are some of our specialities, serving specialist operators and OEM manufacturers around the globe.


Pulsatrix™ - Innovative Technical Solutions

Pulsacore - Innovative Technical Solutions - front and back Pulsatrix - Innovative Technical Solutions - front and back

Our Pulsatrix™ camera family for example, has been developed in close coordination with the Dutch police. With this camera, 24/7 surveillance with military night vision quality is possible in covert surveillance missions to counter terrorism and crime. This camera uses state of the art military image intensifier tubes, coupled to a digital high dynamic range CMOS sensor. In this way you will be able to capture all details you need to see in your surveillance missions to be able to Detect, Recognize and Identify. The camera is also available as core, for OEM integrators building driver vision systems, target acquisition systems, situational awareness systems etc.


EyeLike™ - Innovative Technical Solutions

EyeLike™, a camera (core) with over 140dB dynamic range is ideal for providing details when a scene consists of bright light as well as dark parts. It could be used to monitor the arc while welding but also to expose details on wet roads or direct into sun conditions for automotive purposes for example.


Buzzard™ - Innovative Technical Solutions

Buzzard™ is our 50MP camera with proprietary BitSqueeze™ technology to utilize the high resolution in the most optimal way without noticeable loss. Together with a partner ITS is developing a system with 5 of these cameras, to create 250MP, 360 degree video.

With our laser range gated solution, your line of sight will be enhanced up to 5 times if you are in degraded visual environment.

Buzzard - Innovative Technical Solutions Alligator - Innovative Technical Solutions


Alligator - Innovative Technical Solutions

Alligator is a ruggedized digital night vision camera for rapid deployment. HD-SDI or PAL output combined with optimized SWaP provide digital night vision video with the quality of night vision goggles. Ideal for perimeter protection, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. For self-protection and target acquisition.


Sequoyah™ - Innovative Technical Solutions

Sequyah core - Innovative Technical Solutions

Sequoyah™ is our latest development. This camera and camera core are based on a Sony Pregius sensor and all camera functionalities are accessible for the end user or OEM. If you want to be able to have crosshairs or any other overlays in your Full HD camera, Sequoyah will offer it to you. Optimal low light level performance make this camera perfect for urban covert surveillance missions as well as integration into surveillance and reconnaissance platforms of any OEM. Intensifier add-on is also available for this core/camera to create a full HD intensified night vision video.


ShadowBoost™ and EASE™ - Innovative Technical Solutions

ShadowBoost™ and EASE™ are video processing technologies available as IP cores for FPGA video processing. Using these cores will speed up your development and time to market for your new solutions. These cores open up features, that are normally only possible in post processing, for your live video solutions. ShadowBoost™ discloses every detail in the darkest areas of your scene like never before, where EASE™ (Edge Adaptive Sharpening Engine) sharpens your image without introducing artefacts to the rest (non-edges) of the image.

ITS also develops and produces customer specific cameras. OEMS with a specific camera need simply reach out to us and we will make sure to provide you with a tailored proposal. Because of our large “technology database” we are able to rapidly develop and prototype camera or camera core that is exactly according customers specifications.

Are you a professional, looking for a solution to your vision challenge, don't hesitate to contact us so we can solve it together. But also OEMS, looking for camera core solutions to their imaging problems: reach out to us so we can be part of your large projects. ITS engineers combine engineering passion with ages of experience in the high-tech industry. Creativity, flexibility, quality, high-end, niche product development and production are our core competences.

ITS, Creating extraordinary camera technology for extraordinary customers. Whenever, wherever!

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