Infrastructure Response Equipment Group (InfREG)

Capability Statement

Who are We

The Infrastructure Response Equipment Group (InfREG) is a co-operative group of UK-based Small and Medium Sized Enterprises with expertise in highly specialised products and equipment that can be used in expeditionary projects and humanitarian aid response programmes.

Our Beginnings

The Infrastructure Response Equipment Group has its beginnings in an event in 2009 organised by the Small Business Unit of UKTI Defence & Security Organisation – Expeditionary Humanitarian Operations Infrastructure Showcase Event. Held at Gibraltar Barracks in southern England, the programme brought together companies capable of providing a wide range of high quality yet affordable expeditionary kit. Following that initiative a number of the participating companies came together, and in early 2010, InfREG – the Infrastructure Response Equipment Group -was formed,

Operating Categories

Power (Generators and Battery Systems). Shelters, protective and functional, Communications, especially for remote areas. Lighting & Air Conditioning Pontoons, Bridging & Barriers. Medical Equipment & Supplies, Water Purification. Specialist Vehicles, Security, Perimeter Protection. Portable Trackway & Bases, including Terrain Stabilisation.

Strength of One

As members we are constantly interacting and looking for new ways to maximise our potential and utilise each others products to ensure that customer needs are satisfied. The individual companies are able to react and adapt quickly to change, keeping up with technology and customer requirements. Collectively the companies come together to provide total flexible solutions that harness skills to meet individual customer requirements without compromise. Once the requirement has been clearly identified then the key team members are selected. Those members then work through one prime contractor within their group to ensure maximum convenience for the customer, no matter how complex that contract is. This arrangement is important for the customer providing one single point of contact and one single contract.

Executive Structure

Chairman & Hon. Sec. : David Claxton : DMS technologies
Treasurer : Laura Lee : Medical Warehouse
Events : John Whaites : Unishelter
Publicity/Website : Paul Kitchen : Peli Products
Humanitarian & Aid Response Activities

Our members have been heavily involved in response to natural disasters across the world including Haiti, Pakistan and Japan, as well as responding to urgent requests for medical aid in wartorn Libya.

Activities and Events

As InfREG, we have exhibited our capabilities at both the DVD 2010 show at Millbrook and the Emergency Services Show 2010 at Stoneleigh in November. Our next event will be Aidex, Brussels in October later this year

Members & their Capabilities:

  • Airfloat Deployable pontoons, bridges, walkways and barriers.
  • Badnams Lightweight , ultra-quiet generators up to 2kVA output
  • DMS technologies Battery-based power systems, portable and vehicle mounted.
  • FAUN Trackway Portable roadways, temporary airfield and landing pads
  • FHS Fuel handling systems for remote and challenging locations.
  • Hawklok Palletised flooring systems, terrain stabilisation.
  • Harrington Generators Both diesel and petroleum power generators from 2.6kVA to 30kW output.
  • Hesco Bastion Semi-permanent & rapidly built shelter solutions using readily available material.
  • Lifesaver Systems LIFESAVER Bottle and Jerrycan systems provides clean drinking
  • Medical Warehouse Medical equipment, devices, furniture and consumables.
  • Peli Products Rugged cases, remote area and shelter lighting.
  • Servicom Integrated radio communications systems
  • Sleepbreeze Shelter and individual air conditioning.
  • Team Leyland Specialist vehicle design and manufacture & specialist logistics services.
  • UAVSI Aerial information assessment system
  • Unishelter Speedily deployable transitional, pre-fabricated semi-permanent shelter systems,
  • Zigma Ground Solutions Lightweight, durable deployable trackway, ground protection and temporary access, terrain stabilisation.


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