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For over 80 years L-3 Link Simulation & Training has provided flight simulation innovations. Today we remain a leading systems integrator supplying advanced simulation systems and training services for both U.S. and international military services.L-3 Link provides turnkey aircrew training services, fixed-wing simulators, rotary wing trainers, unmanned aircraft crew training devices, networked simulation systems, advanced image generation and visual display systems, and a full range of training services.Aircrew Training Systems.
L3 WESCAM. WESCAM’s MX™-Series - multi-sensor and multi-spectral imaging and targeting systems. WESCAM’s MX™-Series of multi-sensor and multi-spectral imaging and targeting systems operate with outstanding stabilization and world leading range-performance. The MX-Series provides clear sighting capabilities across the visible and infrared spectrum.
Our company’ s long traditions dating back to 1949 have enabled it to compete well in the international market and the company exports 83,4% of its production to all major markets – about 50 countries worldwide. LANEX´s excellent manufacturing technologies enable the production and sale of more than 4 000 tons of plaited, twisted and braided ropes per year. We have our own research and development department and testing laboratories.
Lind Electronics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of power adapters, auxiliary power packs, dual USB adapters, solar charger systems, battery chargers, BB-2590 battery chargers and other laptop accessories designed to meet the needs of mobile power computer users in the military sector.Established in 1975, Lind Electronics engineers and manufactures power devices available for most leading brands of laptop and notebook computers.
Since decades the Losberger Group has worked on design, development and manufacturing of an extensive and comprehensive range of tents and halls for our customers in the fields of special events, business, civil defense and military operations at the highest levels of quality, service and after-sales.
Formed in 2012 Lutra Associates is a multi-faceted group of highly experienced specialist associates who concentrate on the defence and security sectors. With expertise in many disciplines the approximately 60 UK and 30 overseas associates bring a wealth of talent, experience and original thought to bear on problems ranging from CBRN to CIED, from VIP protection to security of major crowded events (sports grounds etc) and from theoretical studies, founded on reality, to manufacturing.

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