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We are a highly skilled Marketing and Public Relations Consultancy with over 25 years’ experience in the Defence and Aerospace sectors.
Supplier Categories: Marketing, Media Relations, Consultancy
Supplier Categories: Accommodation, Armoured Vehicles, ATC Surveillance, ATC Towers, Auxillary Power Units, Ballistic Testing, Battery Charger, Biodetection, Biological Attack, Biometrics, Blast Protection, Blast Protection Equipment, Border Protection, CAD, Calibration, CBRN Disposal, Chassis, Chemical Identification, Command and Control Towers, Command Posts, Containerised Office, Counter Surveillance, Cranes, Custom Modular Units, Design, EMC Testing, Enclosures, Environmental Testing, Equipment Platforms, Ergonomics/Human Factors, Evaluation, Fleet Management, Food Storage, Force Protection, Fuel tank Containers, Ground Surveillance Radar, IED Protected Vehicles, ILS Management, Interconnect Solutions, Life Cycle Costing, Load Beds, Mechanical Services, Medical, Mine Protected Vehicle, Office Cabins, Perimeter Security, Portable Power Supplies, Project Management, Radar Offices, Recovery Equipment, Refrigerated Containers, Repair and Overhaul, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Sanitary and WC Cabins, SATCOM, Satellite Communication, Secure Communications, Situational Awareness, Storage Solutions, Stretcher Loading System, Tail Lifts, Temporary Labs, Trailer Mounted Generators, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Vehicle Armour, Vehicle Conversion, Vehicle Storage, Water Tank Containers, Weapons Containers, Welded Fabrications, Aerial Platforms, Blast Resistant Containment, Boiling Vessel, Cooking Equipment, Detection, Mobile Antennas, Catering Trucks, Food Containers, Loading Equipment, Turnkey Solutions, Camp Infrastructure, EOD Robots, Refrigerators, Temporary Towers, Trailer Mounted Kitchens, Field Shelters, Explosives Ordnance Disposal, Ground Vehicles, Inflatable shelters, Medical Shelters, IED Disposal Equipment, Rapid Deployable Shelters, Temporary Shelters, Tents, Robotics, Air Traffic Control, Airdrop Equipment, Ammunition and Fuzes, Antennas, Masts and Towers, Ballistic Protection, CBRN Technology and Services, Command and Control Systems, Communication Systems, Construction, Consultancy, Containers, Electrical Equipment, Engineering, Explosives and Mine Disposal, Fire Fighting, Food and Catering, Ground Support Equipment, Intelligence Capture, Lifting Equipment, Logistics, Maintenance and Inspection, Manufacturing, Materials Handling and Packaging, Medical Equipment, Military Vehicles, Navigation and Mapping, Power Supply, Radar, Rugged Equipment, Security, Simulation and Training, Surveillance, Weapons and Affiliated Services, X-Ray
mb-microtec ag is the world’s leading manufacturer of Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS).  The family owned company with approx. 60 plus employees is situated in the village of Niederwangen; on the outskirts of the Swiss Capital of Berne.Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS).
Meggitt Defence Systems Ltd, a unit of Meggitt PLC, the global aerospace, defence and sensors group, are the world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of unmanned vehicle systems and subsystems.Free flying aerial targetsAgile vehicle systems for use on sea and landRF command and control systemsAutopilotsUAV EnginesMilitary Air Vehicle LaunchersUnmanned Vehicle Systems and Subsystems. Together with all relevant special support equipment including air vehicle Launchers. MDS products, services and systems are used to support armed forces and security agencies worldwide.
MICRIS – GRP Mouldings – Radomes for global communication system providers. Based in the north west of England, Micris Limited specialises in the manufacture of GRP mouldings for a wide range of industries. We have over 20 years' worth of experience and can provide a level of knowledge and expertise that will enable the most unusual requirements to become a reality.We specialise in radome manufacture but we have the ability to work on many other bespoke GRP projects so please get in touch and let us know your requirements and find out how we can help. Radomes.
Microporous Insulation in Peacekeeping. The Microtherm Group has been the leading global provider of microporous insulation solutions for more than 40 years. They are the originators of many of the insulation system concepts in use today and they have built a reputation for absolute reliability and technical competence.Microtherm® insulation systems are used in aerospace, outer space, and by the armed forces in peacekeeping duties. The insulation is also used world-wide in all hot processing such as steel and non-ferrous metals manufacture, glass making, and all furnace applications.
Supplier Categories: Microporpous Insulation, Engineering
Milan Box Corporation has manufactured boxes and crates since 1927. The company expanded into military ammunition boxes during the Second World War, and now provides wirebound, wooden containers and boxes for ammunition, fuzes, grenades, artillery munitions, rockets, explosives and missile components.Military Wirebound Ammunition Boxes - Crates and ContainersM2A1 and M19A1.
Rapid Deployment are certainly the buzz words in all Military Forces presently, the capability to rapidly establish an airborne infrastructure is an essential part of strategies laid down by Joint Armed Forces worldwide.The Mobile Visual Control Room (MVCR) or Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower is an integral part of any Joint Armed Forces Aerospace Surveillance and Battle Space Management System.
At Mobile Mark, we understand that military requirements are different, that the antennas will be used in difficult environments and need to be ready for squad deployments, pop-up stations, or communications intelligence-gathering (COMINT).  That’s why our antennas are rugged, durable and reliable.Mobile Mark  - Military Antennas. We handle the usual and the unusual, from standard products to specialty products. Think if it as “COTS with flexibility”.
Modular Transportable Housing - Custom Modular Units. Modular Transportable Housing (MTH) has been providing innovative modular units for many sectors. MTH will custom build modular units to meet client specifications. Modular units have been used for a wide range of purposes.
Molecular Products is a global leader in chemical technologies for the removal of carbon dioxide, the generation of oxygen and the filtration of hazardous or harmful emissions.Globally, Molecular Products supplies a large number of the world’s Navies with products to maintain a breathable atmosphere in submarines, by removing carbon dioxide and generating oxygen.
Moog Aerospace Testing - High performance Aerospace Testing. Moog delivers high performance test solutions to aerospace manufacturers and test labs around the globe.
Established in 1926, Morris Springs supply a full range of highest quality spring products using all the latest technology.We have the capability to supply from the smallest wire diameter to the largest as well as springs made from sectional material at competitive prices. As a busy buyer you would want to maximise your time on your purchasing process with all types of springs and spring products which Morris Springs can offer under one umbrella.Spring presswork, wire forms and clock type springs, together with leaf springs, circlips, disc and constant force are all parts of our package.
Supplier Categories: Springs, Manufacturing
Established in 1972, MS Instruments is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of ballistic instrumentation and live-fire training equipment for ground and air training. Working with the expertise of our wholly owned subsidiary, Wiltshire Ballistic Services (WBS), we can provide proven, rugged and well-built products for most internal and external applications.
MS Kennedy, since 1971 has been a World Wide leader in the design and production of high performance analog microelectronics.Standard products include operational amplifier and video amplifier, motor drives and linear regulators and switching voltage regulators.

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