Remploy Frontline

Remploy Frontline is an international leader in the design, development and manufacture of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and is the sole supplier of breathable CBRN garment systems to the UK Home Office and Armed Forces, it is also at the forefront of several governments' war on terror.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Equipment Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Equipment Military CBRN Equipment

Widely recognised as an established authority, Remploy Frontline has worked alongside a range of government organisations to produce tailored CBRN protection systems, including the British military to produce the proven Mk 1V suit, the British Police to produce the highly acclaimed CR1 integrated ensemble. More recently Remploy Frontline have been successful in delivering the prestigious Home Office “Quick Don” programme, consisting of 24,000 garment systems complete will all ancillary products.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Equipment
Research and Development

Remploy Frontline is continually assessing and evaluating new materials and techniques to ensure that our product offering is market leading and fit for purpose. Working in close partnership with customers to provide bespoke and specific solutions, the company has built up unique CBRN expertise and, in its work in conjunction with the MoD, and the UK Home Office it has also built up a unique capability to critically develop product specifications, convert them into operational manuals and manufacturing templates and provide an expert commentary on their workability and practicality. This very expertise has been used on innumerable occasions to modify and progress specifications for a wide range of products.

Swift Responder 3 (SR3) CBRN Protection Suit

CBRN Protection Suit - Swift Responder 3 (SR3) Swift Responder 3 CBRN Protection Suits Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Protection Suits

The SR3 (Swift Responder 3)is a single piece garment solution that delivers a simple and quick donning solution, whilst utilising many of the benefits of the highly acclaimed CR1 (Civil Responder 1) suit. Using lighter weight material with high protection levels it can be easily donned in “Under 5 minutes”. The SR3 ensemble has been tested on behalf of the Home Office, to BS 8467:2006 by various leading test houses including Dstl, Porton Down.
We believe that we have breached a technology barrier with the SR3, a significantly lighter weight and ergonomic CBRN garment that can be donned in under five minutes whilst providing maximum protection.
The SR3 provides protection against chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals to the First Responders trained to handle CBRN emergencies.

Mk 1V Military CBRN Protection Suit

Mk 1V CBRN Protection Suit Military CBRN Protection Suit Mk 1V

An integral item of kit for the military for the last 15 years and originally designed and endorsed by the UK MoD and then further developed in partnership with NATO, the Mk 1V CBRN protection suit remains one of the most versatile and cost effective levels of protection available and is suitable for use across a wide range of operational environments.

Phoenix Lightweight CBRN Over-Garment

Phoenix Lightweight CBRN Protective Over-Garment Phoenix Lightweight CBRN Protective Garment Phoenix Lightweight CBRN Protective Suit

September 2012 sees the introduction of Remploy’s new Phoenix, one of a new range of low burden/lightweight CBRN garment systems. Designed as a multi functional garment, the Phoenix is designed to be worn primarily as a CBRN overgarment, but can also be worn as a standard Battle Dress Uniform when threat levels are low. With it’s removable hood system, the Phoenix can instantly transform to give full CBRN protection by simply donning the hood along with any mask, boots and gloves. Manufactured from new groundbreaking lightweight materials, Remploy’s new range of lightweight garments offer excellent through life costs due to being launderable for up to 20 times without compromising protection.

Cougar and Panther - Military CBRN Protective Garment Systems

January 2013 will see Remploy’s product offering expand even further with the introduction of the new lightweight versions of the Cougar 2 piece and Panther 1 piece garment systems.

Cougar - Military CBRN Protective Garment Systems Military CBRN Panther Protective Garment System

These new variants (known as Cougar 12 and Panther 12) will offer similar advantages as the new Phoenix (lightweight and low burden) but with the added benefit of a using a slightly heavier outer shell fabric to fall in line with more conventional CBRN protective overgarment systems.
These 3 new garment systems sees Remploy move their range fully to keep up with the demand for lightweight and low burden garment systems

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