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As one of the leading manufacturers of quick connector systems, Stäubli is active on all 5 continents and covers connection needs for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power.

Staubli Defense Military Applications Quick Couplings

Your Connection Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

Since the early 1970s, Stäubli has been supplying the defense and aerospace industry with couplings and developing specific ones for military applications. The experience we have gained over this time in active partnership with manufacturers and users has increased our technical expertise and enabled us to meet the demanding technical and precision requirements for these sectors. The extensive range of solutions available can satisfy many of your specific needs.

Military Connectors and Quick Release Couplings

Our expertise and global presence allow us to participate in all major international projects to provide highly effective and high performance technical solutions for targeted applications :

  • Refueling
  • Air conditioning
  • Hydraulics and fluids
  • Liquid cooling
  • Medical
  • Breathing Air
  • Air cooling
  • Space
  • Manufacturing processes

Military Refueling Couplings for Aircraft,
Trucks and Armored Vehicles

For helicopters, aircraft, armored vehicles, light vehicles. Quick release couplings for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and UWV (Unmanned Water Vehicle), truck and ground equipment.

HCB 28/L

Military Refueling - HCB28L Military Coupling Refueling - HCB28L Staubli Defense Military Refueling

  • Clean break, non-spill
  • Reliability over time
  • Simple and quick connection
  • Freedom of movement to the hose
  • Non-reflecting electrical conductivity
  • Hose assemblies with plugs at each end and O-ring sealing.

For more information HCB 28 catalog


Defense Military Refueling VSUVSU

  • Full flow
  • 2 perfectly symmetrical parts
  • Quick and simple connection
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Performance and reliability
  • Totally safe operation

For more information VSU catalog


Military Air Conditioning Couplings

Crew bays, restricted areas integrating electronics, connection between the air conditioning system components (compressor, evaporator, condenser accumulator) for unit removal and maintenance.

SPF                                                                                  RPE/FR

Staubli Defence Military Air Conditioning Quick Release Coupling SPF Military Air Conditioning Quick Release Coupling RPE

  • High level of leaktightness
  • Non-spill flush face design
  • Considerable gains in maintenance of
    vehicles and machines
For more information SPF catalog
  • Designed to meet your specifications
  • Compatibility with all types of engine connections
  • Ergonomic
  • Reliable
  • Optimal sealing

For more information RPE/FR catalog

Military Hydraulic and Fluid Couplings for Vehicle Maintenance

Connection of hydraulic circuits on armored vehicles, flight simulators. Power pack and engine change out, fuel and coolant connections. Oil connection for main and emergency steering. Oil change for gearbox and engine.

HPX                                                                        SPX

Military Hydraulics and Fluids - Quick Release Couplings HPX Military Hydraulics and Fluids - Quick Release Couplings SPX

  • Non-spill, flush face design
  • Heavy-duty locking mechanism
  • Secured connection
  • Easy connection
  • Protective seals
For more information HPX catalog
  • High-pressure hydraulic circuits
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic and reliable connection
  • Dual mounting
  • Connection under residual pressure

For more information SPX catalog

Quick Release Couplings for Military Cooling Systems

Connection of cooling fluids or refrigerants to high power electronic circuit. Aircraft, drones, submarines, ground mobile systems, etc. Water cooling for marine and ground mobile radar systems.

SPH/BA                                                                 SPT                                                       CGO/CGD

SPH-BA Military Liquid Cooling Quick Release Coupling Quick Release Liquid Cooling Coupling - SPT Military Liquid Cooling Quick Release Coupling CGO CGD

  • High resistance
  • Lightness
  • Non-drip, clean-break
  • Quick and easy
  • Optimal flow
For more information SPH/BA catalog
  • Non-spill flush faces guarantee the integrity of fluids
  • Non-drip ensures the safety of installations and operators
  • Locking and high strength materials
  • Compactness and lightness
  • Tightness solutions
For more information SPT catalog
  • Non-spill flat-faced design
  • Performance and reliability
  • Compactness and lightness
  • Compensation for alignment faults
For more information CGO/CGD catalog

Couplings for Military Oxygen Equipment

Mobile hospitals, interconnection of supply modules to medical shelters. Filling of oxygen bottles.

HCB/IC                                                                 CBC                                                       ROX

Military Medical Quick Release Coupling HCBIC Military Medical Quick Release Coupling CBC Military Medical Quick Release Coupling ROX

  • Lock your circuits and work in perfect safety
  • Fully automatic
  • High resistance construction material
For more information HCB/IC catalog
  • Sterile process connections
  • Non-spill flat-faced design
  • Secure connection
  • Safe operation
For more information please contact us
  • Quick release couplings
  • Fully automatic
  • Oxygen
  • High-pressure
  • Adiabatic process
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Military Breathing Air Couplings For Oxygen Masks

Staubli Defense Military Breathing Air Quick Release Coupling AQR Breathing air supply to protective masks and suits for accessing dangerous or contaminated areas cleaning fuel tanks, submarines, etc.)

Breathing Air Program

  • Quick and automatic connections
  • Anti-hose whip safety
  • Secure connection
  • Several Options

For more information - Breathing Air Program catalog


Military Break-away Couplings For Air Cooling

Quick Release Military Air Cooling Coupling CBW Personal cooling system. Connections for air cooled pilot vest with integrated break-away function for unimpeded emergency ejection.


  • Quick and automatic disconnection
  • Break-away function
  • Cooled air
  • Anti-G-suits

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Defense and Aerospace Couplings For High Pressure Gas Cooling

Quick Release Space Couplings SCM Connection in extreme conditions: weightlessness, high-pressure gas, low temperatures.


  • Lock your circuits and work in perfect safety
  • Heavy-duty locking mechanism
  • Secured connection
  • High resistance construction material

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Military Couplings For Manufacturing Processes

Connections on compressed air and other fluid circuits. Connection of energy circuits on test benches of motors and reactors.

RSI                                                                                  RBE

 Quick Release Military Compressed Air Coupling RSI Quick Release Military Compressed Air Coupling RBE

Active safety couplings :

  • Fully automatic
  • 3-in-1 active safety against the risk of
    violent hose ejection under pressure
  • Swiveling version
For more information RSI catalog

Modular quick release couplings :

  • Large range
  • Fully automatic
  • Numerous options
  • Proven reliability
For more information RBE catalog


Stäubli Solutions Adapted to New or Existing Equipment

With our vast experience of working closely with partners in these sectors, your Stäubli contacts are always at your service.

Ready to analyze your specific needs and offer you tried and tested solutions to match your applications, and able to develop new solutions to meet your future requirements.

The integration of quick couplings into your project at conception simplifies the subsequent assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your systems.

To learn more about Stäubli military and defense connector solutions, please visit our website at

Staubli - Quick Release Military Couplings

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