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Typhoon International has been the first choice for over 60% of NATO forces when choosing drysuits and dry bags for surface and sub-surface operations. 60 years of experience of producing high quality marine products, including being the first company to manufacture wetsuits in the UK, the first to manufacture tri-laminate drysuits from Nylon 6.6 (still one of the best drysuit fabrics available today), the first to introduce CLO-Tex fabric, revolutionising the comfort and usability of drysuits and the first to launch an electrically heated ‘smart fabric’ garment - a “Millennium Awarded” product for diving.

Typhoon supply a range of military products to various users including elite special forces globally. By utilising our expertise as the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer, we can offer a wide range of off the shelf or bespoke products. Our extensive product range is all manufactured to ISO 9001, so you can be assured that our products are manufactured to the most stringent standards.
Typhoon has a team of experts on hand to discuss your unique requirements in complete confidence, whether you simply want to add your logo, an anti-magnetic suit or a product unique to you - Typhoon can help.

Military GORE-TEX Descender II DrysuitsMilitary GORE-TEX Descender II Drysuit

One of Typhoon's most recent developments is a breathable combat swimmers drysuit which ensures maximum comfort during wear. Incorporating the latest development in breathable fabric technology, the GORE-TEX Descender II is the drysuit of choice for surface operations. Features include:

  • Self don
  • Front entry with diagonal zip and cover
  • Latex neck and cuff seals
  • Breathable fabric socks
  • Kevlar knee reinforcement
  • Removable internal braces
  • Elasticated waist
  • Adjustable ankle and cuff covers
  • Con zip
  • Valve options available
  • Fleece lined removable hood

Typhoon's Military GORE-TEX Drysuits are available in black or green colours and multiple sizes including sizes made to measure. Various pocket and footwear configurations are available upon request.

 Thigh Mounted Dry Utility Pocket

Made from a mixture of texturised Polyester, Butyl and Nylon Webbing, Typhoon's Thigh Mounted Dry Utility Pocket is great for adding extra storage/pockets to drysuits where needed which are easily accessible and adjustable. Features include:

  • Adjustable waist belt, pouch and thigh strap
  • Fast drain outer pocket
  • Rubber taped close end dry zip fastener

They are available in green or black with an approximate volume of 7 litres.

Thigh Mounted Dry Utility Pocket Slim Fit General Purpose Life Jacket

Slim Fit General Purpose Life Jacket

The slimfit general purpose life jacket is a compact life jacket with a range of various features. The slim cover is ergonomically shaped so that it is comfortable to wear when actively moving and has a mesh back panel/flat pocket for stowage of crotch strap.
It is available in 150N or 275N, automatic or manual, green or black, with or without optional extras. All versions have full approval to the relevant standards.

Features/options include:

  • Automatic life jacket light
  • Harness

Military Dry Bags, Fire Retardant Immersion Suits, Amphibious Coveralls, Icebreaker Heated Garment

Typhoon supply a huge range of other military and marine products not featured above such as bespoke Military Drysuits and Military Dry Bags, Amphibious Coverall's, Fire Retardant Immersion Suits and the award winning Icebreaker Heated Garment. For further information and to discuss your unique requirements in complete confidence, whether you simply want to add your logo, an anti-magnetic suit or a product unique to you, please contact us where we have a team of experts on hand to help.

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