Alan Dick Radar and Cellular Ltd

Alan Dick has been active in the Communications Infrastructure industry for over 35 years and has specialised in complex steel radar towers and GRP radomes for over 15 years.  Alan Dick provides support to the highest standards of performance and reliability demanded by international blue chip system integrators and government organisations.

Steel Radar Towers and GRP Radomes Steel Radar Towers and GRP Radomes

Alan Dick is unique in its ability to deliver turnkey solutions including civil works, towers and radomes to satisfy the exacting requirements of key clients throughout the world.

Surveillance Infrastructure

Alan Dick Radar & Cellular specialise in the provision of Surveillance Infrastructure including the design, supply, installation and maintenance of towers & masts, radomes and civil works.  Extensive experience has been gained working with civil, government and defence organisations worldwide.
The combination of structural design: electromagnetic & composites engineering: strong project management allied with access to manufacturing and installation resources allow Alan Dick to provide the complete infrastructure solution.

Military Radar Towers

Alan Dick’s structural engineers have designed a range of self-supporting towers to satisfy the exacting requirements of radar systems and their uses. These towers can be designed for compliance with global design codes using in-house software or market tested software.

Military Radar Towers Military Radar Towers

The range of radar towers caters for heights up to 90 metres, constructed using a selection of tubular and angular legs.

Military Radomes

Alan Dick has an extensive range of standard radome designs available for frequencies over the range of 900MHz to 40GHz.

Military Radomes Military Radomes

These standard radomes can provide solutions for  -:

  • Air Defence Ground Radar Radomes
  • Airport and ATC Radar Radomes
  • Satellite Communications Radomes
  • Marine Application Radomes
  • Military Simulators and Projection Screens

Air Defence Ground Radar Radomes

Large GRP radomes have been designed and supplied for customers across Europe and the Middle East for large ground based air defence radar systems.

Air Defence Ground Radar Radomes Air Defence Ground Radar Radomes

The radomes, of varying sizes between 16m and 23.5m diameter are optimized for electromagnetic performance whilst fulfilling all structural and environmental conditions specified.

Airport and ATC Radar Radomes

Alan Dick has supplied dozens of ATC radomes of between 9.8 and 16m diameter to most of the world’s leading ATC radar providers.

Airport and ATC Radar Radomes Airport and ATC Radar Radomes Airport and Air Traffic Control Radar Radomes

From St Marteen in the Caribbean, to the Libyan dessert to the coast of Australia the varying environmental conditions have always been met and the radomes accepted to carry out their protective mode for up to 30 years.

Satellite Communications Radomes

Numerous 2.5 to 6.1m radomes are installed both in passive and currently active theatres of operation supporting military communications.  Understanding the military need entails a product designed that is easy and quick to install, upgradable and simple to replace battle damaged elements.

Satellite Communications Radomes Satellite Communications Radomes

Ongoing contracts with Defence organizations are testament to the long term benefits of the Alan Dick radome.

Marine Application Radomes

Over one thousand 1.3m radomes have been supplied for global marine applications.

Marine Application Radomes Marine Application Radomes

Used on ocean going yachts, large freighters and Naval vessels alike the Alan Dick radome is a proven product able to meet the most demanding of environmental and electromagnetic requirements.

Military Simulators and Projection Screens

Using in-house knowledge of composite design and construction Alan Dick have designed a range of display screens and domes, for many types of visual display simulation. From simple freestanding curved screens through to dome structures up to 18 metres in diameter, Alan Dick is able to provide high precision structures incorporating high accuracy in the internal display surface.

Military Simulators and Projection Screens Military Simulators and Projection Screens

Alan Dick has supplied simulator domes which are either static, i.e. bolted to a fixed surface, or movable, i.e. bolted onto a movable platform.

Radar Support Systems

To compliment the extensive range of radomes and the varying applications AlanDick are also able to offer a complete range of radar towers.
Radar towers must be very stiff structures working to very tight deflection criteria.

Radar Support Systems Radar Support Systems Radar Support Systems

AlanDick have products to suit Coastal surveillance radar up to 90m in height as well as airport radar towers up to 40m. Each tower type is optimized for its use and Alan Dick, being  a key radome supplier as well, are able to guarantee a problem free interface between tower and radome for all environments.

Alan Dick Radar & Cellular are part of the Haley Securities Group.

Group companies include:

  • Haley Engineering – design and fabrication of steel framed buildings
  • FLI Structures – design and fabrication of steel structures and screw piles
  • George Jackson – specialist creators of interior decorative plastering

Current and recent projects:

Live and recently completed projects have been carried out for Selex (radomes to KSA), NATS (towers and radomes for UK Air Service), Indra (SAF radome), Thales (UK radar towers) and numerous other clients.

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