Military Tactical Communication Headset

Tactical Communication SystemsNacre AS, based in Trondheim, Norway designed, developed and manufacturers the QUIETPRO® Intelligent Hearing System, that provides high-level hearing protection, communications and hearing enhancement for mechanised infantry and dismounted soldiers.

The QUIETPRO® is no standard tactical communication headset. It utilises digital Active Noise Reduction (digital ANR) and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to ensure high-resolution situational awareness – which also enhances the soldier’s hearing. It provides unrivalled protection against noises generated by vehicles, aircraft and modern infantry and support weapons.

Nacre was originally formed as a spin-off company from SINTEF, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. In 2007, Sperian Protection the world leading personal protection equipment supplier acquired Nacre. Nacre now forms the ‘centre of excellence’ to the Intelligent Hearing group of Sperian. Nacre has delivered more than 55,000 QUIETPRO systems to soldiers in 15 countries around the world.

The Military Communication Headset for all Scenarios

Military CommunicationsThe QUIETPRO® is radically compared to traditional Communication Headset. It is fully automatic continuously adapting to the operational scenario, either mounted in ground mobility vehicles or dismounted. The QUIETPRO® ensures a rapid transition with uninterrupted communications; across the mounted and dismounted interface. The user receives continuous communications while retaining immediate situational awareness and hearing protection.

Due to the high-level of hearing protection, the QUIETPRO® offers protection levels that previously were only achievable with large cumbersome earmuffs (circumaural headsets). The lightweight, very small in-ear headset does not cover the user’s ears; this reduces the on head weight and promotes better cooling of the head and ears. QUIETPRO® is fully compatible with all head worn equipment and can be removed without needing to remove the soldier’s ballistic helmet.

High-Level Tactical Hearing Protection

High-Level Tactical HearingThe unique QUIETPRO® combines high-level hearing protection with situational awareness. This additionally enhances the user’s natural hearing while seamlessly providing true tactical hearing protection. Traditional tactical communication headsets have to compromise either hearing protection or situational awareness due to the technologies utilised. The advance DSP technology embedded within the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) ensures that the QUIETPRO® does not compromise on any aspect of its performance.

Through independent testing, the QUIETPRO® achieves a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29dB. The NRR figure refers to just the passive technologies tested within a continuous noise field. For impulse protection, the QUIETPRO® can reduce the harmful effects of noise from weapons discharge or explosions by approximately 40dB(A).
Digital Active Noise Reduction (ANR)

Digital Active Noise Reduction is the electro-acoustic reduction of low frequency noise usually associated with mechanised platforms. It complements the passive noise reduction provided by the ear tips of the headset to provide even greater protection to the user.

Bionic HearingThe adaptive nature of the Digital ANR algorithm automatically increases or decreases the amount of noise reduction supplied into the in-ear headset. It always provides the optimum level of protection, without over protecting.

The processing enables the QUIETPRO® to perform both an earpiece ‘fit test’ and calibration at system start-up. This ensures that the QUIETPRO® provides the maximum protection, highest level of communication intelligibility (both received and transmitted) and acoustic stability.

Bionic Hearing

The situational awareness capability of the QUIETPRO® enables the reproduction of external sounds within the headset. This allows the user to hear naturally without affecting the high noise reduction properties of the headset. This makes the QUIETPRO® appear transparent to the soldier, as though they were not wearing it

Through amplification of the external sounds and digital filtering, the QUIETPRO® enables the user to hear sounds that would not be heard without the QUIETPRO®. Users frequently refer to this capability as ‘Bionic Hearing’.


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