Artemis Optical Ltd

Owned equally by the 4 executive directors, Artemis, a world renowned company employs 47 talented staff, with an enviable history of 60 years in the design and application of high precision, technically differentiated optical thin film coatings.

Artemis’ client portfolio includes blue chip original equipment manufacturers in the defence, aerospace, security, space, photonic surgery and medical and analytical instrumentation markets worldwide.

Artemis have a 22,000 square foot custom built facility located at Langage Science Park in Plymouth in the South West of England. The factory includes a 16,000 square foot environmentally controlled production pod, using a range of modern coating chambers.

Artemis manufacture a range of key military products to include:

HUD Combiners (Callisto)

HUD Combiner Filters - Callisto  HUD Combiner - Callisto

  • Rugate filters offering higher colour neutrality and higher image brightness.
  • Single or multiple, colour selective notches, allowing you to choose the colour, or colours you want to reflect.
  • Amplitude Graded Combiner available, giving seamless display balance.
  • Angle of incidence compensated coatings, giving consistent image across the entire display.
  • Single or dual plate combiners allowing you to choose the technology that best fits your application.
  • Plate matching service available for enhanced system performance.
  • Coatings so uniform that the brilliance will be highly consistent across the plates.
  • Environmentally robust coatings, ensuring longevity of the combiner.

Conductive Window Assemblies (Cressida)

The Cressida - Conductive Window Assemblies Conductive Window Assemblies

  • In house busbar & braiding capabilities offering complete product solution.
  • Fully oxidized coatings, which are stable over time.
  • Designed to match your specific requirements from 8Ω-200Ω/cm2.
  • Anti reflection overcoat options to increase system transmission.
  • Maximum clear apertures offering maximum viewing areas, without compromising Electro-Magnetic Compatibility.
  • Highly consistent busbar dimensions minimising the need for system compensation.
  • Available as multi coated assemblies e.g NVG and/or Stray Light Reduction.

Helmet Mounted Display Patches (Hyperion)

Helmet Mounted Display Patches - Hyperion Helmet Mounted Display Filter Patches

  • High adhesion coatings on contoured plastic visors, which allows maximum durability and unparalleled value for money in a cockpit compatible material.
  • High contrast display patches, giving a brighter sharper image usable in high glare conditions.
  • Highly uniform display patches increasing uniformity of contrast and colour consistency over the display patch, offering improved visibility.
  • Custom designed patches to match your specific requirements.
  • Ability to coat very thin substrates with high aspect ratios, offering reduced visor weights.
  • Angle of Incidence compensated coatings giving consistent brilliance across the entire display.

Military Laser Protection Filters (Mimas)

Military Laser Protection Filters - Mimas Military Laser Protection Filters

Standard Laser Protection Filters

  • TACOM approved which means no qualification is required.
  • Customer focused, ITAR compliant, Export Compliance System. We’ll even write your licenses for you
  • Dedicated Laser test facility which means all filters are 100% tested.

Multi Channel Laser Protection Filters

  • High colour neutrality giving a clearer view.
  • High levels of clarity giving a clearer view in poorer light conditions.

Night Vision Compatibility Filters (Thebe)

Night Vision Compatibility Filters - Thebe  Night Vision Compatibility Filters

Benefits at Night

  • Highly accurate attenuation, allowing every light source to be seen with night vision without glare.
  • Highly repeatable transmission curve which means that all your lights will be equally brilliant, irrespective of their natural light colour.
  • Designed to work at a range of incident angles to suit your application.
  • Thermally stable coatings which means that the filter will retain it’s performance over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Benefits in Daylight

  • High in-band transmission, which allows the natural colour of the indicator to show, unaffected.
  • Bespoke design service to allow any colour of light to be NVG compatibility filtered.
  • Sharp transition between transmission zone and blocking range, which means the natural colour of the light, is not diluted by the NVG filter.
  • High in-band transmission, which allows the natural colour of the indicator to show, unaffected.
  • Bespoke design service to allow any colour of light to be NVG compatibility filtered.
  • Sharp transition between transmission zone and blocking range, which means the natural colour of the light is not diluted by the NVG filter.
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