Ultra Electronics, Nuclear Control Systems

Ultra Electronics, Nuclear Control Systems is part of Ultra Electronics, an internationally successful defence, security, transport, and energy company with a long, consistent track record of development and growth.

Ultra Electronics is a leading expert in the field of radiation detection supplying specialist instrumentation to the civil and military market for over 30 years.

Combining military and commercial expertise, Ultra Electronics offers a suite of products for military applications including fixed, mobile and deployable radiation detection for all platforms including ships, submarines, reconnaissance and fighter vehicles.

Ultra Electronics is a total systems provider with services including, system design, installation, training, maintenance, service support and through life obsolescence management.

The ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection System

The ANV S2-FV is a second generation mobile detection system and is specifically designed for vehicle installations.

The ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection System Detector Vehicle Radiation Detection Systems

The ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection system is capable of detecting and monitoring radiation levels ranging from natural background to the residual effects of a nuclear weapon detonation. The system is able to detect the initial presence of radiation with alarms being triggered if the dose rate exceeds a pre-set threshold. Once triggered, the average dose rate readings are accumulated and held in non-volatile memory or transmitted to the Platform Management System allowing mission dose analysis.

A typical vehicle installation can utilise up to three radiation detectors positioned at strategic locations providing an indication of direction for localised radiation sources. The ANV-S2-FV is an exceptionally robust, highly qualified, vehicle installed gamma radiation monitoring system. Primary uses include first response, military personnel peace keeping operations and anti-terrorist activities.

The ANV S2-FV consists of a control unit, radiation detectors with an option of including a remote indicator/display and can be integrated easily with any Platform management system.

The ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection System - Control Unit The ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection System - Remote Indicator

ANVS2-FV boasts

  • Rugged, reliable and fit for purpose
  • Fully qualified to Military standards having been comprehensively type tested and trialled in an operational environment
  • Low maintenance enabling long term deployments
  • Identifying threats and continuous reporting over CIS
  • Def Stan / Mil Spec environmental, shock, vibration, EMC and nuclear survivability
  • Compact lightweight and modular
  • No internal radioactive sources
  • Low through life costs


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