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Founded in Oulu, Finland in 1982. NOPTEL Company specializes in development and manufacturing of optoelectronic measurement devices and its product line comprises long distance laser rangefinder modules. NOPTEL has been a subsidiary of Belgium based FN Group since 2011. Today, NOPTEL’s expertise as a key player in developing military qualified and military proven optoelectronic products is well established.

Noptel Long Distance Laser Rangefinder Modules

Noptel Long Distance Laser Rangefinder Modules - LRF127 Noptel Long Distance Laser Rangefinder Modules - LRX-25A

The compact, eye safe and highly integrated laser rangefinder modules are utilized in various applications from demanding military measurement systems to handheld devices.  The modules are delivered without enclosure providing especially for the OEM-users the possibility to embed the module into their own product or device. The robust handheld devices feature ranging capability from several km beyond 30 km and they weight from 27 g to 450 g.

Typical applications are OEM use in products for military and security measurement purposes wherever measurement at long distances as well as small size and low power consumption of a module is required.

Applications e.g.:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Observation & surveillance
  • Target acquisition
  • Fire control
  • Naval systems
  • Drones & UAVs
  • Handheld devices
  • Vehicle mounted systems
  • Sights

 Noptel Long Distance Laser Rangefinder Modules - LRF Family

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