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Military Vehicle Armour

Military Vehicle ArmourIncorporating Land, Sea & Air Vehicles, Optimal are supplying armour into all of the subcategories. We have recently completed 2 U.O.R. programmes & are about to embark upon supply of protection systems into another 2.

Our materials & engineering backgrounds allow us to realise solutions at the right price & performance levels & the rapid testing programmes we have in place allow us to do this with great speed & efficiency.

We have production capability to enable various manufacturing techniques to be employed & are based in the heart of the Midlands which has a very strong engineering based labour pool that we can “tap into” if & when required.

Optimal employ coded welders & fabricators & composites experts from various backgrounds such as aerospace & formula 1 enabling us to manufacture many different components from bespoke 1 offs to large production runs.

Military Body Armour, Shields, E.O.D Apparel

Military Body ArmourHaving been heavily involved with various military body armour programmes in the past, Optimal Armour have the knowledge to work with various body armour manufacturers to achieve higher performance levels than can be achieved by soft armour alone. We do not manufacture soft armour materials, but can be involved in the design process if necessary.

Our insert plates are currently being used by police & military organisations across the globe & shields are to be rolled out imminently. We produce E.O.D Helmets & plates to protect the user against both fragment & blast wave injuries & supply materials to mine boot manufacturers that reduce injuries if the device is not detected or detonated by remote means.

All of our products are certified by the relevant bodies (NIJ, HOSDB etc) & are designed & manufactured for optimum performance when used in conjunction with a suitable soft armour pack (if necessary – plates can be manufactured to be stand-alone also if required).

Building Armour & Protection

Whilst often neglected to some degreeprotection of static objects can often be just as important as protecting both personnel & vehicles within the battlefield itself.

Optimal engineers have an understanding of the type of threats faced today by building designers & constructors. We have taken the standard GRP type armour materials commonly used for static structures & improved both blast & ballistic performance offered by such systems. Also employed are hardened steels, impact materials such as aluminium foams & honeycomb systems.

These materials stop both damage to the actual structure itself & also protect the occupants inside from injury, allowing them to continue with their role unscathed. This could mean a mission critical process is not interrupted or delayed & further protects the deployed troops & vehicles by allowing continued support from the base / operations centre.

These materials can also be utilised in other areas such as protection from flying debris during a hurricane & also possess good insulation, fire resistance & wear properties.

Security Systems

Optimal Armour offer various security devices that can help stop or delay unauthorised entry into secure buildings, vehicles etc.

Working with various companies, we have developed an anti-cut system that is currently in use in various organisations including the Bank of England. We have used our materials & engineering expertise to allow these systems to be incorporated seamlessly into the production of doors, shutter systems & other access / egress points.

We are now in development of a higher performance system that will deny access to unwanted intruders wielding anything up to petrol powered disc cutters, hooligan bars, sledgehammers etc, as well as stopping ram-raiders from gaining entry.

Recently we have been testing a new ultra-high hardness steels which can be used to protect permanently open areas such as fire doors, where traditionally, the push bar system has been a weak point of a building, allowing easier access to unauthorised personnel.

Military Armour Solutions and Materials

Military Armour SolutionsOptimal Armour was created as a result of Meggitt Armour Systems, Dudley being dissolved by Meggitt PLC – all of the Directors were highly positioned within that organisation and have either mechanical engineering, materials or production / process skills required for the design & manufacture of armour & security products.

Traditionally, many armour systems (with the exception of air or sea based vehicles) have been manufactured using hardened steel or other metallic materials due to the cost effectiveness of these materials in stopping the required threat.

Unfortunately, today’s battlefield does not allow widespread use of metallics due to weight, performance or transmission/radar transparency issues.

As the battlespace has evolved, the protection levels required have also increased, with the more common use of Armour Piercing (AP) ammunition meaning to achieve the protection required, several hundred kilograms or even tonnes of armour are required. This, with the additional burden of increased levels of communications equipment & other electronic warfare is unacceptable & so even land based vehicles are now moving over to composite armour solutions which offer high protection levels, light weight & transmission transparency all rolled into one.

Additionally, the threat from over-threat or shaped charges has become more apparent, with traditional metallic materials performing very badly against these threats, whilst ceramic faced composite systems have offered a way around the plasma jet damage often done by these. At Optimal Armour, we have worked with many of the world’s most exotic fibres & ceramics & can utilise these for the best effectiveness against any given threat.


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