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The Dewey Electronics Corporation – Green Compact Diesel Generators and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for Military Applications

The Dewey Electronics Corporation, a publicly traded small business concern (DEWY) located in Oakland, NJ, has been at the forefront of providing a greener power source for military applications. As a leader in the design and manufacture of compact diesel powered portable generator sets and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), we have addressed the needs of the military to get more power with less fuel. The development of our DC hybrid generators and power systems has resulted in significant fuel savings (50%-70%) and reduced yearly logistic costs (200% or more) when compared to standard generators.

These hybrid systems complement our 2kW Military Tactical Generator (MTG) family that is the PM-Mobile Electric Power (MEP) type certified standard for U.S. Military use. Dewey has also expanded its APU family with the recent acquisition of the Goodman Ball, Inc. product line. The addition of the GBI products to the existing Dewey developed APUs now provides a power range from 2kW to 20kW to support vehicle silent watch needs. Dewey also provides a range of support products for our 2kW MTGs including electronic control remote fueling pump kits and NATO adapters. We also provide various advanced development control systems for diesel reformer fuel cell systems, DC/DC power converters, and now large scale energy storage containers for micro-grid systems.

DC Hybrid Power Systems

28V DC Hybrid Power System in use 28V DC Hybrid Power System

Over the past five years Dewey’s DC Battery Charging Generators (BAPUs) have evolved into DC hybrid power systems. We have developed a digital generator controller that incorporates battery monitoring/battery charging features along with auto start and auto stop controls that greatly enhance fuel savings and lowers yearly life cycle costs to the end users. Our enclosed 2kW hybrid generator is designed for trailer or vehicle mounting and charges lead acid, AGM, and Lithium Ion batteries. The open frame version is also available in power that ranges from 2kW to 4kW and has found applications in trailer and containerized systems by various defense manufacturers.

The enclosed 2kW 28V DC hybrid power system is an ideal auxiliary power unit. Designed to mount on a standard HMMWV towable trailer it is tactical quiet in operation. Typical applications include persistence surveillance and communications & relay trailers, along with integration as backup power sources for renewable energy systems.

The DC hybrid generator can be combined with solar systems to provide backup power in the event that solar is not available. Dewey’s generators have been paired in demonstrations with numerous solar systems such as the USMC GREENS, Sun Spider, and other defense contractors’ systems in locations worldwide to provide power when the sun is not available.

Expanded Military Auxiliary Power (APU) Product Line

4kW 28V DC Open Frame Hybrid APU Hybrid APU on Persistence Surveillance Trailer

Dewey now manufactures the 5kW APU for the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier and the M1068 Tracker Carriers. The MEP-952B (NSN 6115-01-425-6513) has over 3,000 units in the field. The armor plated APU generates a maximum output of 6kW of clean 28 Volt DC power. A highly reliable combination of two outstanding components, the Farymann 43F engine and a C.E. Niehoff alternator are directly coupled without pulleys or belts. The APU is equipped with an electric start or manual hand crank. Starting the APU is accomplished using the standard control panel on the armored housing. An optional remote control panel allows the APU to be started from within the vehicle.

This armored unit complements the air-cooled APU developed by Dewey, the EVPS, and BAPU which are found in the USMC inventory. Additionally, Dewey is developing a 20kW APU for a select military vehicle family.

Battery Charging Auxiliary Power Unit (BAPU)

Battery Charger Auxiliary Power Unit - BAPU

Selected by the USMC, our open frame generator set provides a full 4.5kW military rated 28V DC power supply suitable for vehicle APU use and battery charging under extreme temperatures. The unit features a current limiting programmable voltage regulator, redundant local and remote controls, and a self-bleeding fuel system for vehicle or remote fuel tank interconnections. Based on our 2kW military heritage, this unit provides a simple power source that is lightweight yet highly reliable and easy to maintain.

Enclosed Vehicle Power Supply (EVPS)

Enclosed Vehicle Power System (EVPS)

This APU can be mounted in three positions (top, bottom, and side) for optimum vehicle installations. The enclosed air-cooled generator provides 4.0kW of 28V DC at 70° F and operates from -40° F to 130° F. The APU features a current limiting programmable voltage regulator that can charge various battery chemistries, redundant local and customized remote controls, and a self-bleeding fuel system for vehicle or remote fuel tank interconnections. The engine operates on diesel and JP-8 fuels. This enclosed unit has a noise signature of less than 70dBA at 7 meters.

2kW Military Tactical Generator Sets (MTG)

2kW 120V - 60 Hz Military Tactical Generator (MEP-531A) The PM-MEP type certified MEP 95-501A (28V DC) and MEP 95-531A (120V AC) have been the standard man-portable generators for the U.S. DoD. Dewey has fielded almost 20,000 of these units since 1996. These units operate on diesel 1, 2, or JP-8 fuels. The MEP 95-501A (NSN 6115-01-435-1567) provides 2kW of 28V DC power. It weighs 148 pounds with four hours of fuel. Man-portable 120V AC power is provided by the MEP 95-531A (NSN 6115-01-435-1565). This unit weighs 153 pounds and provides power for four continuous hours before requiring refueling. With full rated operation within the temperature range of -25° F to 120° F, the MTGs are the lightest type of classified, fully logistically supported generators in the DoD inventory, complete with full technical manuals, training, and train the trainer support. These highly reliable units meet all Human Factor requirements and have an acoustic noise signature of 79dBA at 23 ft.

Accessories for the MTGs include the Electronic Control Remote Fueling Kit, a self-contained system that when installed on the MTG, activates when the fuel tank is 1/8 filled and pumps fuel from an auxiliary fuel can or other supply container to refill the fuel tank automatically. The leak-free design is equipped with anti-siphon check valves and auto shut off to prevent spills and fault, run, and power indication lights.

The NATO Adapter is a recent addition to the 2kW MTG accessory product line. It attaches to the MEP-501A MTG to provide a receptacle for the NATO plug. This adapter is available in a single or dual configuration.  We have developed automatic load banks that monitor and automatically switch loads on and off the MTGs to prevent “wet stacking”.

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