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Established in 1873, Kohler Corporation has a pedigree for quality, innovation and exception craftsmanship. In 1920, it launched the world’s first engine-powered electric generator, which became known as the revolutionary ‘mini power and light’ power plant. Since then, it has been developing products for every aspect of critical load requirements and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers with products used on every continent.

Military Power ProtectionUninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL) is a leading provider of power protection product and service solutions including UPS, standby diesel generators, battery banks, software and ancillaries. Part of Kohler Corporation’s Global Power Group, UPSL has a proven and enviable track record with customers across all major global market sectors ensuring 24/7 power protection of their mission-critical business systems.

UPSL was also the first to publish an authoritative handbook on power protection. Now in its third edition, The UPS Handbook, is a highly regarded resource for anyone involved in the design, selection and operation of power protection solutions.

Together, UPSL and Kohler bring a potent, global force of longevity, pedigree, pioneering product technology, service excellence and global reach to the power protection industry.

Military Power Protection

We offer an unrivalled single source service ensuring all your power protection requirements are taken care of and ensure the continuous and reliable operation of some of the most mission critical IT and communications applications in use today.

In addition to this, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd have a number of quality endorsements: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, Investors in People, Achilles and Safe Contractor.

UPS & Generator Service & Maintenance

UPS ServiceUninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd portfolio contains the most technically advanced power protection products. These products are at the forefront of innovation and amongst the class leaders in terms of system efficiency, availability, scalability and flexibility. We offer a range of services including:

• Advice on selecting the right solution
• Turnkey installation of complete solutions
• Supply of UPS, standby diesel generators, electrical switchgear
• Battery installation, testing and maintenance
• System relocation or certified disposal
• Maintenance options to suit all requirements – including 24/7 support
• Remote monitoring and system communications

The product range includes the PowerWAVETM UPS range from 1.25 kVA – 5MVA and includes:

PowerWAVE 9000DPA, three phase modular UPS

The renowned rack-mount modular UPS system the PowerWAVE 9000DPA seriesTM. It utilises Advanced Decentralised Parallel architecture (DPPowerWAVE 8000DPA ST120 – three phase modular UPS’A) to uniquely provide true ‘hot-swap’ modularity, ‘six-nines’ availability, powerful scalability, high efficiency, low total cost of ownership, small footprint and up to 1MVA N+1 parallel redundancy.  For power ratings up to 250kVA in a single frame and parallelable up to 1MVA N+1.

PowerWAVE 8000DPA, rack-mounted or rack-independent three phase UPS

This is a new modular UPS which is available in two formats, either as a ST (Standard) or RI (Rack-independent) solution. Both models use proven Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA) to combine true modularity with class leading efficiency, maximum availability and flexibility.  The PowerWAVE 8000DPA provides critical power protection up to 120kVA (100kVA N+1).

PowerWAVE 6000 – modular stand alone UPS’PowerWAVE 6000, stand-alone three phase UPS

This is a three-phase, true online double conversion transformerless designed UPS system that delivers maximum protection, uses less energy, generates less CO2, saves valuable floor space and provides significant operating cost savings.  Up to 10 independent PowerWAVE 6000 UPS units can be connected in parallel to provide capacity up to 5MVA.  This scalability lowers capital commitment and allows for cost effective upgrading as power requirements grow.

MINIpowerPLUS, single phase UPS

The MINIpowerPLUS range is ideal for small low power protection applications where reliable power must be scaled to cost and space constraints.  Available in an office friendly tower or compact 19” rack mounted modular configuration, the MINIpowerPLUS is an extremely reliable and resilient single-phase UPS.

Military Standby GeneratorsUPSL Diesel Generator’

If critical applications must be available at all times without downtime, then a UPS and a standby generator with automatic mains failure (AMF) detection and changeover facilities is the only practical source of long-term power during an extended mains outage. Our turnkey UPS and PowerWAVE generator packages guarantees fully matched systems and ensures a true-no-break supply in the event of a power failure. The range of generators includes open or canopied diesel generators for power ranges up to 700 kVA. 


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