Chemring Technology Solutions and General Dynamics Mediaware Partnership Delivers Real-time Video Intelligence

Visit Chemring Technology Solutions at Stand 2C28D, Farnborough Airshow, 14 - 20 July

Chemring Technology Solutions and General Dynamics Mediaware have partnered to create a next-generation tactical video exploitation system which tracks vehicles and personnel in real-time using video streams from manned or unmanned aircraft.

VTA (Visual Target Analysis)

The new partnership combines Chemring Technology Solutions’ moving target indicator system, VTA (Visual Target Analysis) 2.0, with General Dynamics Mediaware's next generation, end-to-end tactical video exploitation system, D-VEX. This provides operators with a valuable tool in the high pressure environments of motion intelligence gathering and analysis, automatically alerting them to moving vehicles and personnel in video streams.

Modern surveillance aircraft generate thousands of hours of video footage which need to be monitored and analysed by trained operators in order to identify targets of interest. In operational situations where fatigue and target fixation can occur, an important event, which may only last a few frames, can be missed.

D-VEX - Video-exploitation System

D-VEX is a video-exploitation system that captures and manages full-motion video, providing operators with intuitive tools for enhancing, streamlining and analysing live and recorded video. When coupled with Chemring Technology Solutions' visual target analysis software, mission operators and analysts can quickly transform raw video data into actionable intelligence, saving time, money and resources.

Martin Ward, Product Manager, Chemring Technology Solutions, said: "VTA shifts the focus away from pixels and towards specific activities and movement, aiding operators in the difficult task of maintaining real-time situational awareness. Chemring Technology Solutions’ collaboration with General Dynamics Mediaware's D-VEX's intelligent video technology will further enable surveillance platform owners to extract significant value from the large volumes of full motion video captured from sensors deployed in the field."

Kevin Moore, Chief Technology Officer, General Dynamics Mediaware, said: "We are committed to continuously improving the capabilities of D-VEX to solve the complex data challenge of extracting actionable intelligence from thousands of hours of video footage. Chemring Technology Solutions' unique approach in VTA 2.0 gives D-VEX the enhanced ability to track and map vehicle and personnel movement, providing the operators and analysts who are working under extreme pressure with mission-critical actionable intelligence in near real-time."

Chemring Technology Solutions will be showcasing VTA at Stand 2C28D, the Farnborough Airshow, 14 - 20 July.

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