WEW Extends Refurbishment Contracts with German Bundeswehr

Company uses new service facility to bring systems to latest standards after operational deployment.

Contracts worth over one million Euros have been awarded by the German Armed Forces to WEW, leading suppliers of deployable fuel and water systems. The contracts are to refurbish the German Armed Forces equipment at the end of their operational deployments in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

During the refurbishment process in the recently established, purpose designed, facility, the ISO based water and fuel systems will be deep cleaned and brought up to the latest standards.

“This contract is the first of what we hope will be a number of refurbishment opportunities as our defence customers bring their equipment back from operations and seek to have it fully prepared again,” said Dr Ulrich Bernhardt, Chief Executive.

“We design our systems to be rugged and able to take all the mechanical and thermal stresses of deployment in hostile areas. To maximise the already long life cycle having the equipment updated and refurbished ensures that this life span extends well beyond the initial expected serviceable period. This makes return on investment even better.  The design of our systems is intentionally rugged with the result that none of our supplied units have ever knowingly failed,” added Dr Bernhardt.

In the refurbishment facility at WEW’s site in Weitefeld, Germany, the units are inspected together with the German Armed Forces before the work is begun.  Where necessary heating, insulation, pumps, chlorination units and electrical installations are updated and any obsolete or missing parts replaced.  All significant mechanical damages are repaired and the systems will be brought back to high quality standards with a new paint finish.  Prior to shipping back to the customer the units are re-certified and inspected by the authorised inspection body and Quality Inspection by the German Armed forces (GPS, Güteprüfdienst der Bundeswehr).

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