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AMSS Ltd is a privately owned company based in South Wales in the UK. The company was established in 1978 and is a world leader in providing complete solutions to worldwide aircraft ground support equipment requirements. Our equipment is of the highest quality and our customer base transcends both military agencies and civilian organisations around the world. Our product range includes the following pieces of equipment:

ATLAS 2000 - K Loader

Fully air-transportable in C130 Hercules aircraft, the ATLAS “K Loader” is purpose designed for military tactical and strategic logistics support.

Capable of lifting materiel between C130 cargo height up to Boeing 747 main deck, this loader lifts almost twice its own self weight with a payload of up to 20 tonnes. 

This K Loader is without equal as a battle proven piece of equipment with 23 customers worldwide including 13 Air Forces the United Nations and NATO.

Deployable, Air-Portable Cargo Handling Dock (ACHD)

The Air-portable Cargo Handling Dock (ACHD) offers a simple, light-weight and robust means for building and storing cargo pallets.

The system consists of 5 sections that, when disassembled weigh approx. 2,500kgs and will fit on a single 108”x88” military pallet. Assembly of the sections takes only 15mins per section for 2 personnel and require no tools.

When fully assembled, the 5 sections can hold a full C130 palletised load.

Roller sections allow smooth transfer of cargo from the ACHD to the cargo loader for loading on to the aircraft.

Military Air Conditioning and Heater Trolleys

AMSS manufacture a range of air conditioning and heater trolleys for different applications. The environmentally friendly, refrigerant free, Aries air conditioning trolley is an excellent solution for a wide variety of applications on small to medium sized aircraft.


These units deliver variable pressure and variable air flow, offering increased flexibility and a lower long term cost of ownership. They are currently in service supporting Hawk, Tornado, EH101, Sea King, SU27, Su30 and Sentinel (Bomardier Global Express) and so are capable of supporting all similar sized aircraft. The ACU150 large air conditioning trolley utilises a vapour cycle cooling system providing up to 150 tonnes cooling capacity to wide body and highly specified avionic aircraft in the most hostile environments.

The Gemini heater trolley is a simple and effective aircraft space heater, this equipment provides a stand-alone function delivering clean non-toxic heated air in all environments.

Military Freight Transfer Vehicles

The AMSS range of rapid freight transfer vehicles derives from 20 years’ experience in providing cargo handling solutions to civilian airports.

The latest range still includes the fixed body and articulated trailer versions of the 3, 4 and 5 spot ULD Carrier, but also our latest Roller Bed Trailers for military support operations offering the capability to transport up to 7 fully loaded pallets between aircraft and cargo handling areas.

Universal Passenger Air Stairs

Available in a wide range of heights and with numerous customer selected options, the AMSS “Air Stairs” are the best in the business. Our self propelled stairs can be fitted on either our own chassis or a commercial chassis.


The towable stairs can be fitted with our purpose designed pedestrian drive system allowing controlled approach to the aircraft threshold. Our best-selling military variant is the Universal Passenger Stair (UPS) which is designed to handle a wide variety of aircraft including all standard narrow and wide body aircraft between 2.4 and 5.6m sill heights. The UPS can be easily collapsed to enable transport by C130  making it ideal for military deployment worldwide.

Rugged Belt Loaders

The AMSS range of belt loaders are designed to be extremely rugged and robust and are available with different boom lengths to suit operational requirements.

These units are proven in both civilian and military roles in worldwide locations ranging from north of the arctic circle, to the tropics, to the desert.

Simplicity, Reliability and Maintainability are at the core of the design ensuring the repeat business for the world’s most cost effective belt loader.

Universal Fuel Tank Repair Trolleys

Safe and effective, the AMSS Universal Fuel Tank Repair Trolleys have been in service for over 20 years. The trolley provides full assistance for all aspects of aircraft fuel leak repair and enables a reduction in repair times of up to 80% ensuring aircraft can return to service within 8hrs following defueling. 

Latest developments have enhanced the equipment further improving effectiveness and reliability.  We guarantee this equipment will pay for itself within a year against traditional fuel tank leak rectification procedures.

We remain at the cutting edge of development, continuously driving towards more reliable, safe and user friendly equipment. Moreover, as a small family owned business, we remain agile to the customer’s needs providing bespoke solutions to suit individual customer requirements.
Our philosophy is based on the importance of through-life product support and low customer cost of ownership. When you purchase an item of equipment from AMSS Ltd, we consider it merely the beginning of a long relationship whereby we strive to deliver a product support service that is considered second to none. We offer no argument warranties on all of our products and continue to offer a personal touch which has been the hallmark of AMSS Ltd since the company’s establishment.


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