Ballistic Tool Kit

The BTK’s mission is to provide specialist equipment, training and support to the Security, Military and Law Enforcement customers anywhere in the world

The Ballistic Tool Kit (BTK) was formed in 2006 to assist Small and Medium sized UK businesses in the defence sector in maximising their export potential. The primary purpose was to network their skills and pool their resources to appeal to the wider and more demanding requirements of potential customers. Although the interaction between members is ongoing continuously throughout the year, there are two key events at which members can network with each other and potential customers: In April, a live fire exhibition is held to enable users to experience first hand the capabilities and products of the members. Later in the year, typically September, the members meet among themselves to highlight new developments and capabilities to other members and form strategic partnerships. To achieve our mission, there are over two dozen companies within the BTK who have the skill to make the most sophisticated firing range in the most rugged terrain and yet make it fully functional and self sufficient. We also provide training and specialist equipment for professional needs. This means that companies within the BTK can come together and provide flexible solutions that harness BTK’s skills to meet individual requirements without compromise. To ensure maximum convenience for the customer, once the requirement has been clearly identified and the key team members selected the BTK works through one prime contractor within their group for any given contract, no matter how complex that contract is. This set up is important for the customer as they have one single point of contact and, one single contract for their BTK requirements. The success of the BTK, since its inception, has shown that small UK companies have the skill and marketing potential to have as great an impact, if not greater, than larger companies in the highly competitive world of defence sales. Customer satisfaction is our watchword and our corporate identity, and our increasing reputation is something of which we are enormously proud.


Systems ranging from night vision to sniper equipment and training. Having the right equipment that is accurate  and well-tested is what gives the edge to a soldier.


Providing assistance in matching your exact needs Finding the right person or company you need to talk to.


Protection in all its forms is literally a vital part in the armoury of a soldier. Covering a wide variety of equipment from covert vehicle protection and bullet  proof jackets to camouflage.


Essential  for  a  soldier  sent into  highly  hostile  environments. Advanced training systems that improve accuracy and simulate the experiences and situations that may arise in the field.

Training Systems

In order to provide the best training, you first need the best training Equipment.   Range  systems  and  measuring  equipment  enable the trainee to learn by experience and rapidly improve their skills.


When you  have the most  sophisticated equipment,  the ability to test the system is of great importance.  Test equipment,  facilities and user-training in the use of these systems improves the accuracy  and effectiveness of the equipment.

Technical The technical workings of the equipment and components in use in the field are often overlooked, but are nevertheless vitally important. Providing expertise to ensure that the equipment  works to optimum  effectiveness.


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