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Betalight b.v is the leading supplier of Gaseous Tritium Light sources (GTLS also known as Betalight’s) and Gaseous Tritium Light Devices. (GTLD) Betalight b.v. provides Tritium illumination for over 600 NATO stock numbers / weapon systems like Gun sights, mortar sights and aiming point lamps to the leading weapon manufacturers of the world. Betalight’s are unique, providing a highly reliable and continuous light source throughout a long service life of 15 years without the need for any kind of electrical power.

Illuminated Trilux Sight Units

Betalight b.v. is the provider of Illuminated Trilux Sight Units and can also supply Betalight’s to manufacturers of optical equipment such as scopes and night sights for graticule and reticule illumination. Illuminated Trilux Sight Units incorporate absolutely reliable and have a continuous, illuminated service life of 10 years.


Rated for operation between -60ºC and +80ºC, the Betalight’s require no on/off switch, contain no moving parts and are maintenance-free.
Betalight offers the finest daytime and low-light sight picture of any illuminated sight on the market.
Never before has such quick, accurate aiming been possible with such little effort.
Just try it and see.

Self-Powered Kit Markers

One of the most popular products supplied by Betalight is the Betalight kit marker. The kit marker is used primarily to locate key items of equipment which must be readily available to the soldier at all times but which are easily lost in the dark.


Kit markers can also be used as hazard markers and for personnel marking.
A range of colours is available to enable differentiation.

Self-Luminous Peg light And Route/Defile Marker (GTLD)

The Beta-Marker is a compact, self-luminous marker-peg to provide visual reference points by day and by night. The Peglight is a heavy-construction marker-peg, utilizing a cast aluminum shell to provide the user with the highest level of durability in the field. Typical applications for both are: arc of fire marking, trench identification, path and spot marking and mine marking. Self-luminous route and defile markers can be mounted to almost any object along roads and through forests. Typical applications are minefield safe lanes and bridge defiles for vehicles and troops, where secure route marking is needed in daylight and darkness.

Tritium Light Sources (GTLS)


Betalight’s can manufacture to suit individual requirements in any colour in the spectrum even in infra red  and to virtually any size or shape. The GTLS are used widely in many different applications like: airplanes- or helicopter-instruments, for rifle or mortar scopes, vehicles or main battle tanks, machines and research applications.

Self-Illuminated Aiming Post Markers

Betalight self-illuminated aiming post markers enable establishment and retention of covert infantry and artillery weapons alignment in the dark. A viewing angle of just 7.5º ensures security and makes them ideal for use by mortar and GPMG teams.


The units are visible for up to 200m. This self-illuminated Aiming Post Lamp, currently in service with armies around the world, is designed for use as an aiming point on which to align infantry and artillery weapons at night.

Betalight Military Compass

Good protection against hard knocks :the smooth finish feels soft in your hand, and it will not slip, even if it is wet.
Optimum conditions to take bearings, thanks to the superb card stability and the wide 20° field of view, which will accommodate the roughest sea conditions.


Most accurate bearing : the pivot and very hard stone are a guarantee of long life and shock resistance of your compass.
Built-in Tritium illumination, completely maintenance-free, impervious to corrosion, operates without batteries and a life-time of more than 15 years.
Course reading from above the compass : you can read your compass like a standard compass, with no need to look through the prism.

Betalight Self Luminous Torch

The betalight torch is a self luminous tactical device is designed according military standards. Service life of 10 years.


They are suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres and will continue to operate normally in adverse environmental conditions,  even when immersed in water.

Betalux Exit Signs

Signs are self-illuminating, needing no external/internal electrical power supply or secondary light source. They are continuously illuminated even during rolonged periods of darkness. Illumination is provided by Betalights® fixed securely within the sign.


Betalights® are gaseous tritium light sources that provide absolute reliability throughout their service life of 10, 15 or 20 years. They contain no moving parts or consumable components and are maintenance-free. Signs are suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres and will continue to operate normally in adverse environmental conditions, even when immersed in water. Rated for operation between -60°C and +80°C.


Enables illumination and magnification of maps in twilight and darkness in any environmental conditions. White Betalights® ensure that map colours are accurately reproduced and a solid lens eliminates ingress of moisture and ensuing condensation. Housed in impact-resistant black rubber.

Tritium Disposal

Betalight b.v is dedicated to make disposal service both quick and easy. Betalight b.v provides easy to follow instructions and helps you complete virtually all of the necessary government paperwork for you. Including a certificate of disposal.

Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety count at Betalight. All sights meet strict quality standards before being shipped from the factory; and all processes are performed, controlled, and monitored to demanding quality levels. Betalight's modern design, production, and test facilities, with the most experienced technical staff in the industry are ready to support you.

When quality counts, be sure with Betalight.


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