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C2UK is a Hereford based engineering company that specialises in the design, development and Integration of Command Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems.

C2UK’s engineers all have a specialist user background and are accustomed to working within high tempo mission critical environments. An ethos based on creating innovative solutions which can then be promptly prototyped, developed and demonstrated to our customers around the World.

C2UK offers all of its customers a range of highly developed and bespoke products tailored to our customers exacting requirements within both the Commercial and Public sectors in support of:

  • Platform design and Integration;
  • Development of Mission critical systems;
  • Engineer support to Research and Development (R&D) Projects;
  • Provision of dedicated engineering support to specialist organisations.


C2UK recently unveiled its C-Quad ATV platform at DVD 2013 an event sponsored by the British Army and Defence Equipment & Support Land Equipment (DE&S).


C2UK’s Tactical Mission System Installation kit (TMS IK) integrated with the Polaris 850 ATV provides a highly manoeuvrable and dynamic platform that can deliver an agile and sophisticated C4ISTAR capability. C2UK selected the Polaris 850 ATV platform seen to be one of the best Quad ATV’s on the market and possibly one of the hardest platforms to integrate with, due to its size, weight and power constraints.


C2UK’s Installation kit (IK) is designed to integrate with most tactical Land and Maritime platforms.

Platform IK includes:

  • C-LITE Mission computer (Non-ITAR Controlled);
  • 12/24 VDC power system for silent watch capabilities;
  • C-NITE Covert driving front and rear light system;
  • Elevated (3 Metre) mast sensor option;
  • Operator Screen;
  • Tactical Communications options;
  • GPS.

C-LITE Tactical Mission System (TMS)


C2UK has recently developed a new generation of ruggedized computer based Tactical Mission System, the C-LITE TMS. Building on the original C-LITE, the C-TMS system provides the user with a more advanced and powerful mobile C4ISTAR processor that is not power hungry or come with dozens of cables and other connected components. C-LITE TMS delivers C4ISTAR performance is contained in one small, supremely rugged box. Simple to use and coupled with Kinnersley's SCIMITAR shared situational awareness software, together with a good quality sensor, C-LITE TMS makes for a potent processing solution for light tactical platforms.

C-LITE TMS Key Features:

  • Non-ITAR controlled;                        
  • Small Size Weight & Power - 2 Amps at 12 volts;
  • Built in IP Video Server;
  • Ethernet Switch;
  • 3G Card;
  • WiFi;
  • GPRS;
  • Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C.


C-COM converts audio output into IP, so that voice communications from any device (Military radios, TETRA, PMR and Smartphone’s) can be transmitted, encrypted to 256 AES if required, across the internet. It is then possible to connect different communication nets without buying a new common fleet of radios. Personnel can use their own smart phones to communicate directly with radio users, in complete security and across the Globe. 'Nets' can be configured, joining a variety of equipment users together into separate user groups all communicating with each other and can be recorded for reference later.


Key Features:

  • Rapidly deployable / scalable solution;
  • Radio Gateway linking users on different radio systems together as and when required;
  • Allows for system / organisation growth;
  • Simple to use, user interface;
  • Channel play back allowing the user to replay messages when required;
  • Utilizes industry standard WAVE ™software Communications suite.



C-REACH has been developed specifically for Expeditionary forces providing multiple deployed teams with the capability to send mission critical data to the Headquarters.

When deployed C-REACH has the ability to exchange voice communications between team members via Tactical radios e.g. MBITR, Harris and Motorola pass audio through to the Headquarters in real time.

C-REACH will also support a single video input allowing Video and audio to be assessed by Headquarter staff utilizing laptops, Desktops, Smartphone’s and Tablets can then direct C-REACH users by encrypted voice traffic.

C-REACH key Features:

  • Multiple Remote Teams can be supported with 100+ users at the HQ;
  • Single NTSC/PAL Video input supported with variable bit rate settings;
  • Remote Audio quality can be adjusted with 10+ Codec’s;
  • AES128 or 256 and Optional Type 1 Encryption;
  • Compatible with MBITR & Harris range of radios;
  • Support for ios, Blackberry & Android devices;
  • Power - 62 Watt flexible solar panel;
  • 2 x BB2590/U Rechargeable Batteries;
  • Fully compatible with C2UK C-COM capability.


C2UK C-NITE is a specially designed IR headlight developed to make Tactical night driving easier. Designed by former specialist users, C-NITE has been designed to be used by vehicle crews using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) or other Image Intensifying equipment.

C-NITE is more than just a standard Infrared (IR) headlight emitter. It has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of the user to allow them to operate and drive at speed safely across country in both urban and rural environments.

C-NITE Key Features:

  • Rugged Aluminium T6 enclosure;
  • EMC Compliant Land Class A;
  • IP67;
  • 36° Wide angle illumination;
  • 14° Driving Beam;
  • Does not degrade Tactical Communications such as SATCOM when in use.


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