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TRELLCHEM® suits from Ansell - Chemical and Biological Hazard Protection for Military

Military Chemical and Biological Hazard Protection


Defence against chemical and biological hazards on land as well as underwater.

Military, as well as civil defence forces, rely on Trellchem suits from Ansell  to deliver equipment that can be trusted and depended upon when the worst possible scenario occurs. All products are designed to offer maximum protection, allowing personnel to work safely and efficiently with full focus on the mission at hand. Trellchem suits are designed to give excellent durability for extended use in chemical response missions, with each suit providing protection against a variety of chemicals, including chemical warfare agents and biological hazards.

Viking suits offer similar chemical protection underwater along with the critical non-magnetic profile required for mine clearance missions.

Chemical Protective Suits for Military Applictions - TRELLCHEM®

Trellchem® chemical protective suits draw from over 100 years of profound knowledge and competence within the polymer materials field. All suits are developed and manufactured in-house, thus providing personal protective equipment with the highest quality available.


The complete range consists of both gastight suits; re-usable as well as limited re-use, and various models of splash protective suits. Accompanying this suit range is a vast line of unique components further adding to making the Trellchem® suits the first choice for the most demanding requirements set by Military & Defence applications as well as both first responders and industrial users.


The Trellchem® gastight suits are tested and certified to the toughest standards in the world: NFPA 1991 and EN 943-2/ET. With its broad range of gastight suits, the Trellchem portfolio by Ansell  has established the most complete line of NFPA 1991 & EN 943-2 certified products ever.

Military Dry Diving Suits - VIKING™


Having the right attitude to what professional diving is all about is a prerequisite for every person involved. That goes, not least, for the divers’ employers as they have the final responsibility for the safety of their divers.


Viking dry suits are developed, manufactured and adapted to fulfil the needs and requirements stated among divers from the harshest commercial sector, the area of fire and rescue and public safety, from military divers and law enforcement agencies as well as sport and technical divers.

Inflatable Military Shelters - TRELLTENT™

Trelltent is the name of a versatile and rapidly deployable inflatable tent and shelter system. It is perfect for rescue and medical services when sheltered premises are needed for treating injured people. In the wide product portfolio there are also Decon cabins and Mass decon systems.

  • Wide range of products
  • Durable and light weight
  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy to handle and quick to install


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