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Chemring Energetics UK - Energetic components and materials

 CEUK provides equipment based on energetic materials (explosive, propellant) for the defence, security and commercial markets CEUK operates from three sites, Ardeer, Ayrshire; Corsham, Wiltshire and Saetre, Norway employing approx 360 in Ardeer, 50 people at Corsham and 65 people in Norway. The Ardeer site benefits from having an extensive footprint of circa 400 acres with a long-established explosive license approval and a proven history in the processing and storage of significant quantities of energetic materials. The site has a 300 tonne factory license with 200 tonne limit on storage. The explosive process areas are licensed for explosive quantities from 3kg to 1.5 tonnes. Considerable (multi-million £) investment is being provided by Chemring Group as part of an ongoing update programme for the current facilities and the introduction of new facilities within the Chemring site at Ardeer. There are Licensed Environmental Test facilities, at both Ardeer and Corsham, for activities such as combined vibration/temperature cycling for accelerated ageing, a range of conditioning chambers, centrifuges for various acceleration profiles, drop and impact and proof testing. CEUK (Ardeer and Corsham) have CAD/CAM workstations with 3D solid modelling and direct output for rapid prototyping and manufacture. The CEUK Corsham site has a comprehensive in-house inspection capability with CMM and shadow graph equipment Chemring Nobel in Norway, situated 40km South of Oslo has a production buildings area of 6872m2 and a storage area of 2745m2 allowing storage of 250 tonnes of HE. They are a qualified supplier for a wide range of weapon systems, ammunition as well as for commercial systems in the oil and gas industry. US, German and NATO military specification requirements are used as reference for most of the products offered.   In the defence arena, CEUK is a first- tier supplier to prime contractors, a well established supplier of energetic components to defence industry sub-contractors and a direct supplier to the UK MoD.

Unusually in today’s market, CEUK has retained and developed the skills base and facilities needed to undertake research, design/development, qualification, manufacture and through-life support of energetic materials, devices and systems.

Munition Components

The CEUK product portfolio has traditionally comprised a wide range of energetic products and technologies developed in-house to meet demanding customer and programme requirements. More recently to assist key customers maintain their supply chain for critical energetic components in a consolidating industry CEUK has developed a strong core competence in the safe, cost effective introduction of third party products and technologies into its manufacturing capabilities. 

High Explosive Compositions

Chemring Nobel products are applied in the main as precursor charges, boosters, demolition charges, gun and rocket propellants, shock-tubes, detonating cords and perforator charges for both commercial and defence markets. All their explosives are exported as bulk materials from Norway.

Pyromechanisms, CAD/ PADs, Demolition Stores

 Ardeer and CorshamNorwayRocket MotorsHMXPropellant MaterialsRDXCanopy cutting chargesCompositionsLinear ExplosivesEnergetic Plasticisers (e.g. Butyl-NENAs)Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PADs)Insensitive HE materialFuze and safe/arm unitsHNSFlight termination systemsNTOPyro-mechanisms and actuatorsDevelopment of new productsWarheads and chargesSpecial production programmesPrimers and initiators 

CEUK Close Customer Relationships

It is the policy of CEUK to design, procure, manufacture, qualify, test and deliver products that meet our customers’ real needs and expectations. CEUK do this by understanding their business, providing the most appropriate products, adopting a commitment to deliver products and services when we say we will and with a competitive lead time. CEUK will sell our products and services at a price that represents value for money and provide support to our customers both before and after sale.

Chemring Group Plc

CEUK is a subsidiary of Chemring Group Plc based in Fareham, Hampshire.

Chemring is a world-leader in high volume manufacture of a broad range of products for military, aerospace, maritime and security customers.Chemring is a global group of companies that specialises in the manufacture of energetic material products and advanced expandable countermeasures.  They provide solutions for highly demanding customer requirements in defence, security and safety markets. Industry leaders in the areas of:·         Pyrotechnics·         Munitions·         Explosive Ordnance Disposal·         CountermeasuresThey are a world-leading defence company involved in critical defence development programmes in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. Our capability to provide solutions to customer requirements is based on our core competences in:

  • Energetic materials
  • High reliability and safety
  • Volume manufacturing

The Group is built on a hundred-year history of innovation and development and now employs over 400 people in the UK, US, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Belgium and Australia. They sell to over 80 countries and our end-users include the military services, security forces and commercial marine operators 


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