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CST, Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S, is a privately held Danish company specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance electro-optical solutions for demanding battlefield and surveillance applications.

Founded in 2001, CST has rapidly grown to a mature organisation, capable of serving a global customer base. In modern facilities on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark, CST houses R&D, production, QA and sales and marketing functions. With a collective experience in CCD camera, optics, electronics and software development, the highly skilled staff at CST is committed to creating rugged, durable and innovative electro-optical solutions.

CST is certified to ISO 9001:2008, which applies to the whole process flow of design, development, manufacturing and testing. Furthermore, design and development activities operate in accordance with the ISO 10007:2003 configuration management standard. All CST products are ITAR-free.

Long-range Surveillance (LRS) Cameras

CST's SPECTREL high-end surveillance systems are designed for use in military long-range surveillance and high-end homeland security applications.

The SPECTREL solutions are built around a highly sensitive CCD camera coupled with a ruggedized zoom lens, installed in a protective housing, designed to withstand harsh conditions. SPECTREL systems are designed to operate flawlessly within a temperature range of -40°C to +70°C without compromising performance.

The camera and lens are bore-sighted (optically aligned) so the object of interest stays in the picture even when the operator zooms in or out. Typical bore sighting deviation is ±0.2 milliradians, the equivalent to staying within a target area of ±20 cm, at a distance of 1 km. Providing a field of view (FOV) of as little as 0.28°, the camera system facilitates recognizing a person at a distance of 8 km.

Situational Awareness for Armoured Vehicles (SiTA)


By mounting an array of cameras on armoured personnel carriers (APCs), light armoured vehicles (LAVs) tanks or other wheeled or tracked vehicles, an unobstructed 360° view over the near surroundings of the vehicle can be maintained with all hatches closed, providing safety for the entire vehicle crew and assets.

The CITADEL range of vehicle-mounted cameras includes a unique 170° field of view camera system, providing undistorted panoramic imaging from dawn to dusk.

All CITADEL camera systems are based on low noise CCD imaging technology, designed to deliver high-performance colour images, even under the harshest conditions of shock and vibration of metal or rubber tracked vehicles, and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

CITADEL constitutes the first line of any armoured vehicle survivability concept.


Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Sighting Camera

The MAGNEL series of integrated zoom cameras for Remote Weapon Systems is the perfect choice for customers demanding the highest performing electro-optic weapon guiding sub-systems.

Capable of operating under extreme conditions of temperature, shock and vibration, the camera system can even be mounted directly on the barrel of the gun.

The MAGNEL series complies with MIL-Std 810F and can therefore be installed on both tracked (metal tracks) and wheeled vehicles. The camera system is bore-sighted to achieve a precision of ±0.2 mrad over the complete zoom range and the full temperature from -40°C to +70°C.

Custom High-precision Camera Design for Military Applications

CST is a company with a long tradition of working closely with its customers, identifying unmet needs and creating solutions with sustainable value for the users. With a strong R&D base at the headquarters in Denmark, CST is able to provide mechanical, optical, software and hardware customisations while meeting the toughest requirements for military, homeland security and high-end surveillance applications.

Whether the need calls for a ruggedized high-precision zoom lens or a highly sensitive CCD camera, or a complete system comprising lens, camera and advanced video processing, CST can offer a fast-track design process. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Together we can create a solution that provides the best price and performance ratio.


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