ArmourWorks core competence is to provide technically focused and robust integrated survivability solutions against tight deadlines. We are “Expert In Survivability™”. To define survivability in the context of our business is to say that the performance of our products in Signature Management, Blast Protection, and Armour Systems combine to give soldiers at war the greatest chance of returning home, and reducing life changing injuries.

ArmourWorks group has produced and fielded over 2,000,000 advanced armour and survivability products, including our EA TECH Seating that are currently in the Foxhound. We provide solutions across a variety of platforms globally and currently have battle proven solutions in service in Land, Sea and Air programs as well as solutions for the dismounted soldier. Using our in house survivability centre we are at the forefront of technology and our research and development continues to push the boundaries of design, materials, production and delivery to optimise our life saving products.

Signature Management and Detection Systems

Signature management is a key addition to the ArmourWorks strategy. We work across a whole spectrum of detection systems to provide solutions for both vehicle platforms and the dismounted soldier. We use cutting-edge technology to prevent the risk of being engaged by a targeted threat.


Some of our signature management capabilities include visual and non visual light, seismic detection, non discriminant threats (such as an IED), and other areas that include radar and sonar.

Blast Protection

We have proven solutions that enhance occupant survivability in the event of a blast attack. Our proprietary technology includes:

  • Blast Attenuating Seats
  • Blast Mitigating Flooring
  • Composite pod protection
  • Spall liners for standard and v-shaped hulls


Through extensive testing and development, we have some of the best performing products on the market. To optimise protection we put your platform through our design centre to get the best performance.

Armour Systems

ArmourWorks delivers innovative armour solutions that not only meet international ballistic protection standards, but exceeds them. Our combat proven technology is designed for land, sea and air platforms.
Our range of armour systems include:

  • Spall Liners
  • Add on Vehicle Armour
  • Body Armour
  • Aircraft Armour
  • Conformable Armour


ArmourWorks armour systems are tested and combat proven. Using our in-house survivability centre we have the capability to receive various platforms and design bespoke protection systems.


Signature management is key to the ArmourWorks survivability strategy, we work across the whole spectrum of detection to reduce the signature of a platform or the dismounted soldier to enhance stealth capability. TactiCAM is generated using random 3D patterns of varying geometric shapes which can be bolted onto the external armour or attached using high grade Velcro.


The resulting colours and patterns break up the flat surfaces and make it difficult for an enemy to gauge the distance to the target.

EA TECH™ Blast Protection Seats

ArmourWorks’ mineblast attenuating seats use advanced shock absorption and improved restraint technology to protect against landmine and IED blasts. They are live-fire tested and UK MoD/US Government approved for ground vehicle use and are currently in service in the Foxhound.


Using our in house survivability centre and our dedicated team of engineers we have the capability to design and manufacture our seats to suit your needs and requirements. Through extensive testing and development we have some of the best performing products on the market.

Research and Development

ArmourWorks R&D means innovation and engineering excellence. We take survivability technology out of the laboratory and onto the battlefield. Our engineers employ the latest computer aided design (CAD), Solid Modeling, and Finite Element Analysis technologies to solve your most challenging protection problems.


To define survivability in the context of our business is to say that the performance of our products in ‘Signature Management’, ‘Blast Protection’, and ‘Armour Systems’ combine in performance to give soldiers at war the greatest chance of returning home.


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