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EOD Solutions Ltd is a company specifically created to undertake ammunition and weapons stockpile destruction. The company employs retired Ammunition Technical Officers and Ammunition Technicians trained at the Army School of Ammunition in the UK to undertake the logistical destruction of ammunition. Understanding how ammunition and weapons function is a prime consideration when dealing with the destruction and reverse engineering of these dangerous items.

EOD Solutions Ltd has undertaken reverse engineering projects where the company teamed with factories in country or other organisations that allowed the work to be undertaken in a safe and secure manner. Environmental issues are now of high importance when disposing of ammunition and EOD Solutions Ltd is working with environmentalists in this area.

Demilitarisation in Afghanistan

Transportable Ammunition Destruction System (TRADS)



The installation of the Transportable Ammunition Destruction System (TRADS) at Camp Bastion under contract to DESWpns DGM to destroy small arms ammunition in an environmentally benign manner. The TRADS incinerates up to 45000 rounds per hour depending on the type of ammunition which equates to one ton all up weight of ammunition per hour on a normal working day and was designed and built by the company in association with Caldo Engineering with whom the company has a long and trusted relationship.

The TRADS comes complete with all infrastructures so that the user can place the system on the ground and within three days have the system working destroying ammunition. The system has wind down legs as well as lifting points that enable the system to be jacked up from the delivery vehicle without the need for a crane or it can be craned if the user requires. This is especially desirable in the present position in Afghanistan where the system is a standalone operation outside the ammunition storage facility in an area where there is no infrastructure. See video

EOD Solutions Ltd is currently building a smaller batch type furnace for EOD Technologies in the united States for deployment in Afghanistan in support of US troops in other areas of the province. The picture sows the build nearing completion ready to ship to Afghanistan.

Explosion Aftermath Clearance

The company is currently working with the International Trust Fund (ITF) undertaking a clearance operation in Gerdec, Albania where four explosions at an ammunition unpacking facility killed 26 people and injured hundreds more.

Over two hundred house were damaged or had to be demolished. In all a total of 90 acres of land is to be remediated before being returned to the Government of Albania. This is a difficult and demanding process as it is in the centre of a residential area. This limits operations considerably due to the proximity of the local population.

This year will see the conclusion of this task that has made EOD Solutions Ltd well equipped to undertake future operations of this kind. The pictures show the problems and the successes EOD Solutions Ltd has accomplished over the four year clearance process.

Weapons Destruction

EOD Solutions Ltd has undertaken weapons destruction programmes that reduce the weapons to scrap to prevent use or sale to organisations that lean towards terrorism and criminal activities. So far 175000 have been destroyed in Albania and another 10000 in Senegal by the company. The weapons are destroyed using methods that totally destroy any part of the weapon from being used for its intended purpose.

Quality, Safety and the Environment
EOD Solutions Ltd has strict safety quality and environmental guidelines that are in line with US and UK governmental regulations. These guidelines are employed irrespective of which country operations are undertaken. Demilitarisation procedures are also allied to the NATO and UK regulations regarding ammunition and weapons safety and disposal.


EOD Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Wayne Beck in the Position of Business Development


Wayne Beck  B.SC, C.ENG, FIED

  • A Chartered Electronics Engineer
  • A Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Design
  • Defence Industry Specialist
  • Extensive international and UK market experience
  • Full Product life cycle and Manufacturing experience

With over 20 years experience in the Defence and Security industry, he has held senior executive posts in design and engineering development, manufacturing and market development with major defence and technology companies including BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Alenia, Marconi and Siemens. Wayne has also held executive board positions with the UK Institute for Engineering Design.

He has a wide range of engineering experience including power, microelectronics, control, low frequency, RF, microwave & millimetre wave design. He has also led many systems projects including simulation, missile systems integration, multifunction land and naval radar, command and control systems.


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