The Importance of Data Security

'G4S ISA provides a bespoke Secure Courier and Secure IT Disposal Service that ensures the integrity and safety of their customer's sensitive assets'.

Government Agencies, the Military, Defence Contractors and other Private Organisations involved in governmental projects accrue a vast amount of confidential and sensitive data about their staff, customers, services, products, financial information and research background.  With all this data now recorded, handled and stored on various forms of IT equipment, the ability to network transmit this data allows for a fast and wide distribution of sensitive information.

Classified Media Disposal

In the event that an organisation’s sensitive or confidential information falling in to the hands of an adversary or a competitor, a breach of security could increase the danger to life of those in the field, heighten the risk to UK staff and property both at home and overseas, initiate court proceedings against individuals and organisations, which in turn may lead to commercial loss or bankruptcy.

Sensitive Data Disposal

The protection of sensitive or confidential information is a standard requirement that is governed by legislative and security regulation.  Organisations are responsible for ensuring controls are in place to mitigate any risk to sensitive or confidential data loss.

Within the framework of Data Security, the meaning of risk centers on the probability that something will happen to data that could harm the information asset, or any person, product, service or stakeholder associated within the information.

Controls must be put in place to cover the ‘Whole Life’ of the data asset , whether it be during installation, site transfer, data storage or IT and media disposal.

It is with the above in mind that an approved, reputable and customer focused service provider, such as G4S Information Security and Assurance, should be approached to discuss your information security requirements – whether it be removable IT media, hard drives, any memory-based IT asset, stand-alone IT systems or complete networks.

Why G4S Information Security and Assurance?

G4S Information, Security and Assurance (ISA) are part of G4S Infrastructure & Defence (a subsidiary of G4S Integrated Service (UK) Ltd.  This element of our business provides a bespoke, discreet, flexible and cost-effective Secure Disposal, Secure Courier and Secure Storage service for our customers, ensuring that the safety and security of their sensitive or confidential data is maintained at all times.

Secure Courier Service

Our dawn to dusk courier service provides scheduled and ad hoc secure collection and delivery of sensitive and classified consignments to all UK locations.  Movement documentation and vehicle tracking systems guarantee that the audit trail is maintained at all times, whilst a robust training programme ensures that the security of your assets is always of paramount importance.

Our desk to dust destruction service guarantees the secure collection, inventory checks, destruction and disposal of all sensitive and classified media and equipment, from CD’s hard-drives to complete networks.  All processes are carried out in accordance with HMG IA Standard No 5 – Secure Sanitisation of Protectively Marked or Sensitive Information.  Items are checked on collection against an item manifest and confirmed by a second member of staff on loading of the vehicle.  Further inventory checks are carried out at base before any sanitizing, dismantling or disposal work begins.  An itemised inventory is included with the Destruction Certificate and forwarded to the Customer Point of Contact.

Our store to door storage service provides peace of mind solutions to our customer’s own storage space problems and includes asset management, collection, delivery and an individual item, picking provision, if consignments require breaking down to smaller deliveries.

The key benefits of our fully customised bespoke services are:

• A government accredited commercial Secure Destruction and Courier Service listed in the SEAP Catalogue.
• A bespoke, fully security accredited destruction facility that can handle equipment as required by HMG IA Standard No.5.
• A range of discreet, secure and accredited vehicle fleet.
• Operational staff that hold the highest level of security clearance.
• Sustainable and environmentally friendly processes that exceed government sustainability targets.
• Collection and delivery to anywhere in the UK Mainland or Northern Ireland.

Subsidiary benefits include the release of your valuable staff from onerous escort duties, the swift removal and destruction of superseded and redundant data and equipment.

Additional Benefits of using G4S as your Service Provider

The principal activity of G4S Integrated Services (UK) Limited is the design of integrated facilities management service solutions to our customer’s requirements by combining the skills and competencies within our business and calling in specialist skills through business partnerships.

We provide and manage people, premises, vehicles and equipment to support efficient delivery of our customer’s core business activities.  We ensure the whole life operability of facilities through facilities management services including preventative and reactive maintenance regimes and provision of soft FM services, co-ordinated through a ‘one-stop shop’ helpdesk system for receipt, management and reporting of tasks.

G4S work in both the public and private sectors, delivering reliable services that meet or exceed agreed output-based performance standards.  We have extensive experience of improving business processes and managing complex activities.

By using G4S as your Secure Services provider we will:

• Protect your business
• Provide a secure resilient infrastructure
• Operate your non-core business requirements in a secure, safe manner
• Meet or surpass your expectations


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