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MS Kennedy, since 1971 has been a World Wide leader in the design and production of high performance analog microelectronics.

Standard products include operational amplifier and video amplifier, motor drives and linear regulators and switching voltage regulators. MSK is also a leading producer of custom hybrids, power hybrids and multichip module, applying our circuit design expertise and versatile packaging capabilities to each circuit produced.

Computer aided design supports our automated manufacturing including surface mount pick and place, automatic die attach, automatic wire bond and automatic test. MSK is certified to both Class H (Military) and Class K (Space) of MIL-PRF-38534, by the Defense Supply Center, Columbus as well as AS9100. We also maintain one of the highest number of QML processes in the industry.

MSK utilizes a combination of Direct Bond Copper or Actively Brazed Copper on ceramic (either Alumina, Beryllium Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, or Silicon Nitride) for the power semiconductor substrates and multilayer thick film on ceramic for the small signal control substrates. Direct Bond Copper and Actively Brazed Copper offer extremely low conductor impedances and superb thermal conductivity for superior performance, efficiency, and reliability. Combined with high thermal conductivity packages in a wide variety of configurations, MSK can provide high performance, high reliability power modules and hybrids for use in motor control, actuators, power supplies, inverters, switches, and other power control applications.

MSK produces a wide variety of custom hybrids and multi-chip modules (MCM) utilizing our expertise in high performance analog and mixed signal circuit design, computer aided design (CAD), circuit simulation, and a variety of processes, materials, and assembly techniques.

Multilayer thick film, co-fired ceramic, thin film and chip-on-board techniques are all used to offer the ideal combination of performance, reliability, cost and size to suit the application.

When provided with only a schematic, parts list and performance / configuration goals, MSK will produce the hybrid or MCM design for customer approval and then prototypes, generally in less than 12 weeks from start to finish. Production quantities can be scheduled over 12-18 month time periods at a mutually agreed upon delivery schedule. All these resources are offered at the most competitive costs available anywhere today.

Operational Amplifiers Available:

• Amplifier Output Voltage up to 180 Volts
• Output Current up to 15 Amps
• Available in Industrial, Military, and Space quality levels in most cases
• Many available on Standard Microcircuit Drawings
• Radiation Hardened (RH Suffix) parts available

Motor Controls:

MSK offers a large selection of high performance parts for driving or controlling motors. From simple, compact bridges to complete brushless DC torque amplifiers. Our high performance, high reliability products are used on such critical applications as the gimbal drive for the PAC-3 (Patriot Advanced Capability 3) Missile's millimeter wave radar and the thermal imager on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Other programs include the steerable antenna on the Predator and Global Hawk UAV's, and many more.

• Output Current from 5 Amps to 800 Amps Supply Voltage Range from 55 Volts to 1200 Volts      Both Hermetic and Plastic Encapsulated Modules (PEM) available
• Fully Isolated Versions Available

Power Pems

After investing years in research and development, MSK has become one of the preeminent suppliers of high power encapsulated modules for use in harsh or extreme environments.

• Some models include light-weight, high strength Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) base plates that stay flat and won't warp like copper.
• Rugged materials and construction techniques allow some models to survive HAST and Thermal Cycling from -55° C to 125° C.

Linear Regulators

MSK offers a wide variety of high current, low dropout Linear Voltage Regulators for Hi-Rel and severe environment applications:

  • Output Current from 1.5 Amps to 20 Amps
  • Output Voltages down to 0.1 Volts.
  • Hermetic and Surface Mount versions available.
  • Radiation Hardened (RH suffix) parts available

Switching Regulators:

For Point of Load (POL) applications, MSK has created the first hermetic, hi-rel switching regulators product line. Offering high efficiency, high output current, wide input voltage range, and output voltages as low as 1.2 Volts, the MSK Switching Regulators product line allows circuit designers to power most of today's complex digital processors, FPGA's, and similar systems.

• Efficiency up to 95%
• Output Current up to 8 Amps
• Input Voltage Range from 5 to 80 Volts
• Fixed Output Voltages from 7 to 1.2 Volts, as adjustable versions.

Rad hard Products:

MSK earned its certification to Class K of MIL-PRF-38534 in 1997 and has become a major supplier of both custom and standard microelectronic components to the space industry. MSK has designed and manufactured thousands of complex custom hybrid microcircuits that are currently in orbit on both commercial and military satellites, as well as being on the International Space Station, space shuttle, and various launch vehicles.

Our standard product offerings for space flight continues to expand, currently consisting of power operational amplifiers, power supply related components, and motor controls.




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