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Holdfast Systems was formed to take over the Blast Protection side of Ballistic Body Armour (Pty) Ltd. Holdfast Systems is supported by and relies upon the many years of development and research in EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) equipment that took place at BBA. This research is today still carried on in the same vein of thoroughness and attention to detail.

Our key methodology is to work with the actual officers/operators, the men at the front line of EOD and IEDD. We take this valuable experience and convert it into practical solutions that are reliable and feasible to meet the high expectations of our end users.

The other aspect of our development program is what gives us thorough understanding of the enormity of the threat we attempt to protect against. We do all our own extensive testing. This includes our own ballistics range with an accurate fragmentation simulation facility. Our range is regarded world wide as a recognized facility where ballistics can be measured with precision. Knowing that a fragmentation solution is only partial to a successful formula for this extreme life preservation we also run an extensive Blast Testing Program. This program makes use of a highly sophisticated purpose built blast test mannequin with instrumentation which allows us to measure intimately the effects of an explosion on a person wearing our equipment. This dummy is based on the Thor NTHSA design to give the highest human equivalency proportions and reactions. It is by utilizing this combined research and technology that gives us the means to create the quality blast protective products that we have in our range today. We know it works because we have tried, tested, evaluated, improved and then approved each system.


Holdfast Systems has become a world leader in EOD and IEDD Suit System technology. Currently having EOD/ IEDD Suits in operation on five continents is testament to this status, which now culminates with the Series III EOD/IEDD Suit. This is now being marketed and demonstrated to EOD Teams and Bomb Squads all over the world. This Suit makes use of some lighter high performance materials which gives the user a new level of comfort not experienced in this field before. The other increased area of performance is the improved flexibility within the ensemble allowing for a far wider range of movement.


Landmines are a world wide pandemic; unfortunately they cost substantially more to remove than they were to sow. We have over the past 7 years worked in conjunction with several humanitarian Demining projects including the United Nations to develop protection for their Demining operators. This means that it has to be lightweight and rugged whilst still offering protection enough to save an operator from the unintentional initiation of an anti-personal (AP) mine. All of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) developed has been thoroughly evaluated for its performance against fragmentation by means of testing according to the STANAG (Standard NATO Agreement) 2920 with the 17gr/ 1.1g FSP (Fragment Simulator Projectile). Further blast testing was done in actual simulated minefields with wide spectrum of live AP mines to gauge the protective effectiveness of the apparel and improve it until both we and the Demining operators were satisfied. This PPE is now stipulated in the IMAS 10.30 (International Mine Action Standards) as the international standard for Humanitarian PPE.


With the ever increasing threat level of terrorist attack, far more consideration has to be taken over what can be done when a potential explosive device is discovered and authorities are still on route. The First Response solution that we have developed is called a Bomb Suppression Blanket (BSB). This is a relatively simple system which makes use of a Safety Circle which goes around the identified object and then is covered by the BSB. This action alone now dramatically decreases the effective area that the device will have by up to 90%. It is NOT designed to contain the blast but merely to redirect its impetus and drastically reduce its impact ability. This now has become a cost effective means that various facilities such as airports, shopping malls etc can save lives and limit damage that would be caused by a deliberate bomb attack.

As any of our customers will tell you, we take great care and pride in the products we develop. By the time it gets to the operators who require this extent of protection we know they have the best possible solution that is practical and affordable.


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