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A Defence Cable Manufacturer for over 40 years, Habia Cable has the approvals and expertise to design and manufacture highly specialist, often custom designed defence standard cable solutions, which are approved to some of the toughest military specifications in the world.


Key Market Areas:

  • Naval Defence Cables
  • Cables for Land Forces in particular Land Vehicles
  • Future Soldier Systems
  • Military communications

Defence Cables for Demanding Applications
Meeting The Challenge


Habia Cable was quick to offer a co-ordinated approach to meet the needs of global defence manufacturers including establishing corporate purchasing agreements and the provision of local engineering support to multi-national design offices.   We believe this is the best way to build strong partnerships with major defence manufacturers.

Our experience as a major supplier in many European countries enables us to use pioneering materials which are able to meet the majority of internationally recognised specifications. Co-operating closely with your engineering specialists, we can also produce custom design cables to meet specific requirements.

Key Defence and Military Cable Products

Supply within the Defence industries often depends on approvals and specifications. Habia Cable has met this challenge with a variety of material combinations to meet some of the most demanding military applications.

SEAGUARD Wires and Cables for Naval Applications
Seaguard DS Naval Cables for Ship-Board use


Habia Cable continues to develop a growing range of halogen-free and cross-linked materials. These cables have been used in a wide variety of naval applications including Type 45 destroyers and QEC carrier for the UK, Visby corvettes for Sweden, Collins Class submarines for Australia, Ivar Huitfeldt class frigates for the Danish Navy and Skjold fast patrol boats for Norway.   These meet the UK Ministry of Defence specifications defining tight tolerances on fire performance cables in the light of the smoke and toxicity problems that were highlighted during the Falklands War.   Designed to meet the British Defence Standard 61-12 Pt 25, these cables provide an impressive balance of rugged performance and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) properties.

Other projects we are involved in include the upgrade of Dutch and Belgian Tripartite Mine Countermeasure Vessels with the addition of new Integrated Mine Countermeasures Systems. Habia have worked exclusively with design engineers on this project to provide a highly complex hybrid flexible underwater cable for the sonar system.

SEAGUARD LWB VG Cables for underwater and submarine use

Fully qualified to the VG 95218-29 specification, Seaguard LWB VG cables are pressure resistant and partially water-blocked for use up to 61 bars as defined by the shipyards. The cables are fully compatible with different connector technologies and moulding techniques, with very precise outer diameter tolerances for ease of connectivity.

Hi-Flex Power Cores for Armoured Land Vehicles


Hi-Flex power cables are designed to be tough and highly flexible, with exceptional current carrying capabilities. Based on the German VG 95218 Pt 25 G specification, these cables are resistant to a variety of oils and fuels. Although primarily intended for the automotive / motorsport markets, a halogen free option (Hi-Flex ZH) also exists.

ETFE insulated, TPS 125 XL Jacketed Cables for Armoured Vehicles

Designed to meet the German VG 95218 Pt 27 & 28 specification, these cables are tough, durable and resistant to a variety of oils, fuels and other chemicals.

LANDGUARD VG Land Forces Cables

High specification materials ensure thin wall insulation and jacketing to meet land forces VG specifications, used extensively in both military and industrial applications.

Developed for use in fighting vehicles and to meet the extensive requirements of VG 95218, Habia Cable’s Landguard VG range of single cores and multi-core cables holds VDE approval to VG 95218 Type 020A, 021E, 022C, 023F, 024K, 025G, 027B and 028D.

Single cores - Twisted wires - Signal cables - Shielded signal cables

We can supply cables for internal crew and engine bay environments and externally mounted equipment services.

TPS 125 XL is a new material developed mainly for use in armoured vehicles and field communications equipment.

Military Comms Wires and Cables



We are able to offer a number of different screen options on all cables to meet the EMC requirements of the system. In designing the screen type, other requirements will be taken into consideration such as cable size, weight, flexibility and the screen termination method. Cost may also be a factor that should be considered. If required, Habia are one of the few cable manufacturers able to provide measurements of cable screen transfer impedance (i.a.w. IEC 46A or IEC 96-1) on development or production cables.

System Compatibility

Modern communications system depend on functional reliability and minimum down-time.  Harnesses are designed to be repaired in the field or easily replaceable.  Maintainability will therefore determine how the harness is manufactured and what components are used, eg over-moulding or heatshrink boots.

As a material specialist, Habia has developed insulation and sheathing materials which not only meet the tough environmental and physical requirements of military systems such as low toxicity, zero halogen, flame retardancy and NBCD, but are also compatible with other harness system components such as heat-shrink boots, adhesives and moulding materials from major manufacturers.


Design Skills

Matching system cabling needs to Habia Cable's capability is a practical and an intuitive process. Our experienced engineers understand the requirement and context of that need. Their assessment is fed directly into our advanced design facility, where state of the art CAD programmes produce the technical design solution, ready for costing and production planning. Our skilled designers are able to balance particular requirements of size, weight, technical specification and legislative or environmental demands to produce a solution that is technically complex without compromise.   Custom Designed cables are often more cost effective when combined with the low minimum order quantities available.

Military Cables Manufacturing Experience:

  • UK Type 45 destroyer
  • Indian Hawk fighter trainer
  • Spanish Leopard main battle tank
  • UK Bowman Communications System
  • British Astute Class submarine
  • QEC Aircraft Carriers
  • Westland EH101 helicopter for the Danish armed forces
  • Swedish Visby Class Corvettes
  • Norwegian Skjold Class MTBs.

Habia Defence Approvals Include:

  • BS 3G 210 Types A, B and C - Equipment Wire, PTFE
  • Def Stan 61-12 Part 9 - Cables, Radio Frequency, Low Fire Hazard
  • Def Stan 61-12 Part 18 - Equipment Wires, Limited Fire Hazard
  • Def Stan 61 -12 Part 25 - Cables, Low Fire Hazard (up to 10
  • Def Stan 61-12 Part 31 - Sheaths, Limited Fire Hazard
  • Def Stan 61-12 Part 33 Supp. 001 - Airframe Wires and Cables, XLETFE
  • VG 95218 Type 20 A - Single Core, 600V, 150 deg.C
  • VG 95218 Type 21 E - Multicore Cable (2-4 core), 600V, 150 deg.C
  • VG 95218 Type 22 C – Single Core Screened, 600V, 150 deg C
  • VG 95218 Type 23 F - Cables with Protective Covering, 600V, 150 deg.C
  • VG 95218 Type 24 K – Single Core, Highly Flexible with Sheath, 600V, 150 deg C
  • VG 95218 Type 25 G - Single Core, Highly Flexible, 600V, 150 deg.C
  • VG 95218 Type 28 D - Cables, Shielded, 600V, 150 deg.C
  • VG 95218 Type 29 G – Shielded, Water-blocked Cores, 600V, 90 deg C
  • VG 95218 Type 29 H – Shielded, Water-blocked Multicores, 500V, 90 deg C
  • VG 95218 Type 29 K – Shielded, Water-blocked Multipairs, 500V, 90 deg C
  • VG 95218 Type 29 L – Shielded, Water-blocked Multipairs, 500V, 90 deg C


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