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Pursuit Dynamics Plc. (PDX) is a UK based intellectual property and Technology Company that is actively commercialising its Vapour Jet Technology and Raptor Technology based products within multiple market sectors. Our patented products and technologies provide efficient and innovative industrial processes that help meet today’s sustainability and economic goals.

Next Generation CBRN Systems


The modern CBRN threat faced by the military is now basically the same CBRN threat faced by the civilian populace. As nations find themselves tackling a more asymmetric type of CBRN warfare that transverses national and corporate boundaries, the threat of CBRN attack has increased.
The need for fast, flexible and responsive detection and decontamination systems is omnipresent. The decontamination requirement is particularly important if nations are to safeguard their populace from significant physiological and financial burden. Given the lethal effects that CBRN materials can have on the human anatomy which are wholly disproportionate to their size future CBRN decontamination systems need to be flexible and mobile enough to respond to any terrorist and limited release level threat.


PDX decontamination products support emergency responders across the globe, providing rapid and effective full spectrum CBRN decontamination with minimal liquid use.
Broad chemical capability, coupled with super-fine droplet generation and complete non-line of sight coverage, affords complete CBRN threat mitigation within a single PDX system.

Portable and Mobile Decontamination Solutions


We provide portable and mobile decontamination solutions both being equipped with our patented Vapour Jet technology that generates micro droplets to ensure even and consistent coverage. Covering the entire CBRN threat spectrum PDX Vapour Jet Technology is compatible with diverse range of decontaminants including:

Liquid Decontaminant Compatibility (Chemical & biological Applications)

  • Alkoxides (0.1 - 5 %)
  • Hydrogren Peroxide (0.1 - 30 %)
  • Hypochlorous Acid (0.1-1%)
  • Peracetic acid (0.1 - 5 %)
  • Peroyxgen acid esters (1 - 5 %)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (0.1 - 1 %)
  • Sodium hypochlorite (0.1 - 20 %)
  • Potassium Peroxymonosulfate “Oxone” (0.1 - 1 %)

Polymeric and Radiological Complexants
(Radiological and Nuclear Applications)

  • Strippable Coatings (e.g. PVA-PVP with “Chelating-agents”)
  • Fixatives [e.g. Sulphated Butyl esters or vinyl acetates
  • Sequestering liquids (e.g. EPTA or DTPA)

Chemical Decontamination Capability

Capable of delivering all standard CBRN decontaminants, PDX vapour jet technology has independently proven decontamination capability against most chemical warfare agents: high log kill effectiveness against a range of airborne and surface contaminants (line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight surfaces), including Sulphur Mustard (HD) and Organo-Phosphorous nerve agents.

Biological Decontamination Capability

Capable of delivering all standard CBRN decontaminants, PDX vapour jet technology has independently proven disinfection and decontamination success against most biological warfare agents: high log kill effectiveness against a range of airborne and surface contaminants (line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight surfaces), including Swine flu and other viruses, MRSA and Anthrax. Illustrated below are typical microbial reduction levels afforded by PDX vapour jet technology when challenged against various anthrax simulants. The chemistry used in these test was 0.25% Peracetic acid.

Test OrganismAverage Log Kill (15Mins)Bacillus cereus8.01 (99.999999%)Bacillus subtilus5.94 (99.9999%)Bacillus pumilus5.65 (99.999%)Bacillus globigii6.97 (99.99999%)Bacillus thuringiensis3.64 (99.99%)

Radiological Decontamination Capability

Capable of delivering a range of polymeric materials (strippable coatings) which can be used to decontaminate radiochemically contaminated surfaces. PDX Vapour jet technology is being utilised for the simultaneous knockdown of airborne radiological particles and surface tie down. These could be both short range particulate hazards e.g. 131I, 137Cs, 241Am, Pu and isolation of highly mobile species such as 137Cs, 90Sr etc. It has particular application for the treatment of large volumes, or for spaces involving complex shapes and hard to reach areas.


First Response System (FRS-C)

Offering lightweight and cost effective decontamination the FRS-C is a highly mobile and robust back pack designed for maximum operational flexibility. Designed to allow emergency personnel to work effectively in both confined and remote environments the FRS-C incorporates PDX vapour jet technology creating a superfine mist to ensure even and consistent coverage. Rapidly projecting these droplets in the form of a dense and turbulent mist the FRS-C is capable of delivering CBRN decontaminants to all non-line of sight surfaces. The FRS lance can be easily directed and controlled.  The superfine mist ensures haptic dry surfaces. There is no damage to sensitive and electronic equipment which can stay functional throughout decontamination process. Drastically reducing both the chemical footprint and time required for effective decontamination.
This combination affords minimization of the decontaminant mass per unit of application whilst maintaining an efficient surface and airborne decontamination capability.


The perfect CBRN decontamination solution for localized environments, light vehicles and personnel the FRS-C has the following features and functions:

  • Robust, lightweight and easy clean design for tough environments
  • 4 litre fluids vessel
  • Powered by a standard 6 litre 300 bar air cylinder
  • Gas and fluid re-fill in position capability
  • Less than 20kg total weight (full)
  • 2 minute run time
  • Compatible with a wide range of decontamination chemistries

Wide Area Tactical Decontamination System (D800)

Our larger integrated wide-area (~2000m3) solution combines our technology with true operational level decontamination capability and excellent rapid room filling capacity.
Suitable for large scale infrastructure and heavier items of military equipment the mobile stand-alone system compliments the FRS in providing the end user with a complete CBRN capability. PDX continues to contribute to important advances in aerosol delivery and decontamination technology. The D800 is portable, requiring minimal operation (maximum two people). Ground clearance (> 200 mm) is adequate to allow all terrain usage including ramped entry into buildings and movement over rough ground (e.g. battlefield and urban environments) etc. Removal wheels allow a skid-capability version. A Brake facility is provided to allow to be positioned securely during use and storage. The system has separate delivery hoses to minimize cross-contamination in hot-zone. The D800 is suitable for lifting with conventional forks, trucks and associated military-emergency response vehicles (carriage hook).


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