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Racal Acoustics, part of Esterline Communication Systems alongside Palomar Products and Eclipse Electronic System, is a world leader in military communications systems, supplying high quality, audio ancillaries designed to operate in the harshest military environments.

Military Communication Systems

With origins dating back over a century; Racal Acoustics has a prestigious track record in supplying communication systems to over 100 armed forces worldwide. Their extensive knowledge of military operational requirements, combined with their considerable development and production resources, enable them to continually deliver the clearly intelligible front-line communication solutions that the market demands. In addition, the 2008 acquisition by Esterline Technologies gives them access to a wealth of aerospace and defence expertise in the Esterline group of companies to further shape their new product developments.


The products feature innovative technologies and capabilities that provide rugged and reliable solutions to the challenges presented to today’s mounted and dismounted military forces, including noise reduction, hearing protection, situational awareness and highly intelligible communications.
Their ability to deliver market leading solutions has been recently demonstrated with the successful Raptor; the headset of choice for use in medium noise environments, and Frontier, the ideal in-ear headset for the dismounted infantryman. These, continue to deliver excellent communications performance, hearing protection and situational awareness to support today’s demanding operational tempo.

Lightweight and In-the–Ear Headsets


Racal Acoustics has a range of lightweight “over the ear” and In-the-Ear headsets which are ideally suited for use by dismounted infantry. They enable connection to a range of military soldier radios ensuring clear communications between the members of a squad. These enable free and easy movement, add little weight to the soldier, provide clear communications, situational awareness and can offer excellent hearing protection.

Military High Noise Headsets


Aimed at the mounted community, Racal Acoustics’ high noise headsets provide optimum protection in high noise environments, specifically the noise profile found in tracked vehicles. These headsets employ circumaural earcups and Active Noise Reduction to protect the user in a noisy environment and allow them to communicate clearly.

Push-to-talk Systems

Racal Acoustics has an extensive range of switchboxes to suit a wide range of military radio and intercom applications. From simple single channel radio systems to complex multi-channel radio and intercom connectivity, the range gives the user an option to simply control their audio communications.


Ergonomically designed, the switchboxes allow right or left and gloved hand operation, with easy to locate controls for all headsets functions.

Rugged Communication Systems

All of Racal Acoustics’ products are rugged and reliable to withstand the rigors of operating in all military environments. They withstand an extensive range of temperature, water ingress and humidity to ensure they continue to operate in all conditions.


Speech Intelligibility

A clear speech intelligibility in voice communications, especially operationally in the military, is paramount. Hearing clear speech is based on excellent voice transmission and the reduction of noise at both the transmitting and receiving ends.

Military Hearing Protection

In either the mounted application, where low frequency tracked vehicle noise can damage hearing or for the dismounted soldier, where impulse noise from blast or gun shot can be equally damaging, soldiers need their hearing to be protected. This can be achieved passively with either a circumaural (ear muff) style headset or an in the ear headset. For the mounted, low frequency noise, the addition of Active Noise Reduction is essential.

Situational Awareness

Whilst protecting the soldiers hearing, it is vital to enable them to remain aware of their local environment. Being able to hear your surrounding is a significant element in operational effectiveness.
Racal Acoustics supplies an extensive range of military ancillaries including high noise circumaural headsets, tactical lightweight headsets, field telephone communications and push to talk systems.

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