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Our company’ s long traditions dating back to 1949 have enabled it to compete well in the international market and the company exports 83,4% of its production to all major markets – about 50 countries worldwide. LANEX´s excellent manufacturing technologies enable the production and sale of more than 4 000 tons of plaited, twisted and braided ropes per year. We have our own research and development department and testing laboratories. Our company has been certified according to ISO 9001 and in accordance with the standards required for supplying the armies of NATO (AQAP 2110).

Today´s assortment of ropes, produced on the basis of sophisticated technologies with top machinery, is intended especially for sport climbing, work in heights, rescue and military, shipbuilding and fishing industries (LANEX MARINE ROPES), technical textile industry, mechanical engineering, building and construction industry, agriculture, sports (LANEX YACHTING ROPES) and also for hobby and leisure time.


TENDON is young, but well known and globally successful brand of static and dynamic ropes, established on the rope market in 2005. Thanks to our own know-how and long-term cooperation maintained with universities, research institutes and certified laboratories and also our permanent investments in the development and modernisation of our manufacturing plant, we have become a supplier to the most demanding clients – the armies of many European countries.Over the years we bulit our reputation by offering high quality products at competitive price.
Presently, due to the EU eastward expansion, LANEX comes with its innovative range of fall-arest and lifeline systems with the aim of accessing these products to a wide variety of users. LANEX offers not only ropes but the integral range of fall-arrest body harness, lanyards, fall-arrest systems with rope grabs, self-retracting lifelines, carabiniers and accessories and also a variety of training programs carried out in cooperations with LANEX´s partners.

SINGING ROCK is one of the world leaders brands on the market of climbing equipment and professional protective equipment for work at heights, military and rescue. During 20 years of its existence, Singing Rock has established itself as a professional and innovative brand and supplier of personal fall protective equipment.

All of the high-performance and innovative products are developed and produced in Czech republic and they are certified and fully comply with the international safety standards and EU standards.

For our basic product offer, which we are able to further adapt to your specific requirements and wishes, please go through our catalogue or visit our websites and

Dynamic Climbing Ropes

9.7 Master – Dynamic Rope


A top-class single rope with low weight and our SBS sheath construction that combines both increased resistence to abrasion, and great handling qualities. If you care about maximum performance, you have just found the right rope.

10.5 Ambition – Dynamic Rope


An excellent all-rounder and a good choice for those who want to possess one rope only. The best compromise diameter with extraordinary durability and great technical performance make the rope suitable for all kinds of climbing activities.

Industrial Static Ropes

Secure 10
A rope for any application where the sheath and the core may suffer damage. When using this rope you will significantly increase your safety margins, in cases where mechanical damage to the rope due to sharp edges or falling objects. Thanks to the unique sandwich-type construction of braided layers and the use of specially developed staple fibers, the rope is able to hold the suspended person or load even in the event of considerable sheath or core damage. Even if the rope is heavily damaged, the suspended person has enough time to abseil to the ground or to a safe anchor point.

Static 11 – 12 NFPA
The excellent ropes with low elongation and high static strength are intended primarily for work at high and for securing people above vertical drops. Recommended use are rescue operations, work positioning and military and police use. Occasional use for NFPA certificated ropes meet the life safety rope requirements of NFPA 1983. Standard on fire service life safety rope and equipement for emergency services, 2006 edition.


Static 9, type A
Thanks to the unique construction and the state-of-the-art technological finishing, the static rope offers a strength higher than 22 kN with a falling mass of 100 kg (in comparison with the standard falling mass of 80 kg for type B ropes). The strength of the rope with knots exceeds 15 kN for a period of 3 minutes without any damage to the core and the sheath (type B ropes are tested for 12 kN for a period of 3 minutes). This is an advantage which workers working at heights and rescue teams are eager for, because having a stronger rope in critical situations with full outfit and gear brings them to a higher standard.

Static ropes of the A and B type are ropes with low elongation and karmantle construction core. Ropes of the A type have the required minimum strength of 22 kN, B type ropes are ropes of lower parameters and they are not subject to such high requirements. B type ropes usually have smaller diameters, their minimum strength requirement is 18 kN and they are mainly used in applications where the rope weight is the limiting factor. TENDON is bringing a new product in the market in the form of a rope with the diameter of 9 mm, complying with A type requirements.

Military Static Ropes

Excellent rope with low elongation and high static strength is designed for army and police.


Aramid 10 - 11
A unique rope with aramid sheath and polyamide core, which features high firmness and increased resistence to cutting and abrasion. The rope is resistant to naked flame and radiant heat of up to 400 °C for short periods of time! This characteristic will be appreciated in particular by special police and army emergency squads for quick release from a helicopter, when ordinary ropes are not able to tackle the heat energy.

Force 10 – 11
A special rope which makes use of a patented technology of combination of materials and the rope construction itself. A rope for use in extremely severe conditions (for instance rescuers, firemen, policemen and other special forces) due to its increased resistance to cutting.

The newly developed rope with reflection control weaving reflects a beam of direct light, making it easier to identify the rope in the dark and in poor lighting conditions. The rope is particularly useful for rescue work, speleology, diving and as a tracing rope for mines.

Canyoning Ropes


Salamander (new for 2013)
As the name implies, the canyoning rope Salamander is an amphibian. With a diameter of 10.2 millimetres it has an excellent knotability even after repeated wetting, retains its softness and improved resistance – properties that predeterminate the rope to be used especially in canyoning to where it belongs primarily. Salamander is a lightweight rope which keeps its userfriendly properties for a long time thanks to its construction. The construction and materials used assist in minimizing the shrinkage of the rope in a wet environment. Salamander has a thicker and coarser sheath and floats on water. It is a static rope which is characterized by minimum elongation as a result of the production technology used. In order to facilitate the rope identification even under difficult conditions prevailing in deep and dark canyons, it is made in a distinctive combination of colours.

Canyon, Canyon grande
Excellent knotability, maintenance of softness even after repeated multiple wetting and brilliant colours contrasting with the colour of water, maximum abrasion resistance and increased water resistance – all these are properties that predestine the CANYON Grande rope for use not only in canyoning, but in other water sports as well. Thanks to the materials used, the rope has lower water absorption capacity and floats on water. WET – a CANYON rope variant which does not float on water due to materials used (PA).

Speleo, Speleo Special
This rope was developed especially for cave exploring. It is outstanding for its low elongation, high static strength and exceptional resistance to wear. Special - this version of the rope Speleo has a sheath made of PES and a core made of PA. Thanks to the use of this combination of materials, the rope is more wear resistant and is able to withstand the higher temperatures caused, for example, by fast descending.

Accessory and Power Cords

Elite 6 reep (new for 2013)
6 mm thick accessory cord Elite, a robust product with zero sheath slippage. A strong product with simple universal use.


This accessory cord for mountaineering is a useful helper for vertical adventures, rescue activities and self-belaying, but its use is almost unlimited.


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