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Moog delivers high performance test solutions to aerospace manufacturers and test labs around the globe. Customers can expand test rigs easily, run more tests and increase test accuracy, while keeping the tested specimen totally safe.  Our range of products can be used in the following fatigue testing applications, which ranges from complete aircraft to sub-assemblies and components:

Whether it’s facilitating a better testing methodology or simply helping you upgrade to high-performance digital servocontrollers, our technical experts have gained a reputation for flexibility and unsurpassed service with the world’s largest aerospace companies.

Here are a few of our key testing applications for commercial and military airplanes, spacecraft and helicopters:

Iron bird testing
Aircraft/airframe structural tests
Spacecraft structural integrity
Hydraulic system tests
Landing gear, engine casing, and flight control actuation tests loading tests
Load calibration tests

Flight simulation - The Real Feel of Flying and G-Seats

Moog's solutions are also at work in training centers and military bases around the world, providing flight simulation systems with unsurpassed levels of performance, fidelity and reliability.

As the leading designer and manufacturer of 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) motion base systems for Full Flight Simulators, control loading actuators and helicopter and fighter G-seats, Moog collaborates with our customers to set a whole new standard in performance and versatility.  

Electric and Hydraulic Motion Platforms for Level D-Compliant Simulators

Moog is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of electric and hydraulic motion platforms spanning a variety of key applications for payloads ranging from 1,000 Kg (2,200 lbs) to 14,500 Kg (32,000 lbs). Our motion base systems can be tailored for specific applications in any number of Degrees of Freedom (DOF) configurations.

We have built more than 500 motion bases for leading customers around the world with new Level D-compliant simulators coming on line every month

In addition, we have installed more than 4,000 control loading channels in the field, ranging from basic flight training applications to high fidelity full flight simulators.

By collaborating with you to move your ideas ahead, our design teams have earned a reputation for innovation and problem solving, helping you meet your toughest challenges such as transitioning from hydraulic to electric technology, improving the productivity of your training systems and maximizing your system investment.

Ground Vehicle Test and Simulation

While automotive testing has been around for more than 100 years, today’s test engineers face an environment that dramatically changes every year. You need new and demanding test applications that require new solutions, high-performance equipment and more innovative approaches.

Ride and Comfort Test Systems
4 –Poster Test Systems
Single and Multi-Axis Test Systems
Driving Simulators
Kinematics and Compliance Systems
Suspension Test Rigs

Moog Global Test Solutions

To improve your approach to every test, Moog's proven expertise combined with the world-class performance of our Test Systems, Simulation Tables, Test Controllers, Servovalves and Actuators can improve your competitiveness by helping you find new and better ways of performing tests.

Our mission is to deliver flexibility, innovation and trusted solutions to test professionals around the world, that they need to be successful and take ideas to the next level.

React faster to market changes
Remove product development boundaries
Validate and launch new designs faster  
Conduct more cost-effective testing  
Adapt faster to new safety and environmental regulations

Some Areas of Moog Expertise and Technology

Attaining higher levels of fidelity
Maximizing your training availability and investment
Adding flexibility to training systems
Collaborating with you to deliver proven solutions and expert service and support worldwide

Key Areas Moog Expertise and Technology Plays a Role

Achieving more accurate data generation and faster testing
Integrating physical and virtual testing  
Introducing electric technologies that allow higher frequencies
Offering better solutions to 6-DOF applications
Featuring both electric and hydraulic technology  
Incorporating both hardware and human in the loop (H2IL)


Founded in 1951 by Bill Moog in East Aurora, New York, Moog has developed a global reputation as a company with employees and motion control solutions that are at the forefront of the markets we serve. Our high-performance motion control solutions, systems and components control a variety of industrial machines manufactured and installed all over the world. You’ll find Moog wherever precision, velocity, force and acceleration are critical to performance. Moog is recognised as a global market leader for technology and innovation in our target markets, and continuously improve machine design and performance.


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