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Digital Jamming as part of Multi-level Blast Protection

unival® group is a Germany based group of companies with headquarter in Bonn, Germany. We are a high-end security solutions provider with a product portfolio of synergetic products that allows our clients to efficiently combine a mulit-level-security concept.
We have divided our blast protection technologies in three main product segments:

  • Intelligence – Explosive Detection/ Night Vision/ Thermal Imaging/ GPS Tracking
  • Counter Measures – Digital Wideband Jamming Systems
  • Physical Security – Automotive, Construction and Personal Security

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have become the signature weapon of international terrorism as they are simple, cheap and deliver a disproportionate effect. IEDs cannot be extrapolated into anything other than a major threat to political stability worldwide. This tactic has been used by the Irish Republican Army in Britain, insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Medellin cartel in Colombia, Muslim extremists in Europe and numerous other terrorist and criminal organizations.
Detection of explosives and classification of an area or objects has therefore to be considered a vital part of strategic operation planning.

DWJ1® Smart Digital Bomb Jamming

The protection of motorcades has become an increasing importance for governmental organizations, which requires the use of jamming systems in order to protect against road-side bombs.


unival group is introducing the new smart-jamming-system DWJ1, which the first commercially available high-end digital jamming system operated from the latest FPGA/ DDS chip-technology allowing to individually program the jamming system to threat scenarios in real-time.

DWJ1 - Digital Wideband Jamming System to counter Radio Controlled IED’S

The DWJ1 jamming system has been developed with the aim to offer best possible protection against radio controlled IEDs. The system is offering a 100meter protection radius around the vehicle even under worst case scenarios instead of claiming unrealistic best case figures. With its software based active threat-detection mode the system can be operated in an active-standby that will activate the system upon receipt of pre-defined frequency signatures, which makes it especially useful in any environment, where jamming has to be limited or is forbidden.


The system can be operated in parallel jamming modes such as barrage, sweep, multi-sweep as well as hopping for highest jamming efficiency and also allows to program communication windows. Due to the modular design, the system can be continuously upgraded both software and hardware based for future threat scenarios and new frequencies.

Key Advantages of DWJ1®

  • FPGA controlled, fully synchronized system for multi-jammer-convoy-scenarios
  • Modular system - all components can be easily exchanged and/ or upgraded
  • More than 1.000 Watt output power available from 20 MHz – 6.000 MHz or higher
  • Latest generation power amplifiers for continuous operation in high-threat areas
  • Patented V5-HighEnd Antenna system with outstanding performance and usability
  • Passenger health protection due to EMV shielding of vehicle
  • Second alternator for power supply and back-up battery system
  • EMERGENCY MODE for high-threat scenarios controlled with FPGA
  • Protection against overheating with temperature monitoring of all components
  • Full system certification in Germany including technical acceptance
  • 100% Made in Germany - all main components and system parts are made in Germany

On basis of the same technology unial group is also offering a portable, backpack based system PWJ1®, which allows for real-time programming both by remote and notebook as well as the stationary version SWJ1®, which can be operated in buildings and can even be operated within network for both protection against RCIEDs as well as for communication jamming against eavesdropping.

PCM1- Digital Bug Detector

The PCM1 portable counter monitoring
system is currently the latest technology
for detecting concealed listening devices
in the frequency spectrum up to 15,000 MHz. 

An integrated spectrum analyser enables
it to investigate and identify all types of

It is possible to locate bugs precisely to
within a centimetre with the aid of special
handheld sensors.


By using digital “fingerprints”, cleaned rooms
can be checked again in seconds and the
results compared. The device can also be
used in mobile operation, such as in cars.

  • Extremely fast scans
  • Fully automated detection of analogue micro – radio transmitters
  • Automatic identification of digital radio transmitter sources
  • Exact pin pointing of bugs
  • Fully automated detection and
  • Localization of bugs on conductors / lines
  • Automatic apply of HF – fingerprints
  • Silent - automatic detection of bugs during conferences
  • Real- time differential measurement to identify / analyze transmission signals coming out of the monitored room
  • Intuitive-, multilingual software

univision® - Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Devices

unival is developing and manufacturing the latest generation of night vision devices which are designed and manufactured in Germany with a special focus to customized small series production for highend devices at a highly competitive price/ value level.


The new ultra-compact THR thermal imaging system, which will be available from Q3 2010 allows even wireless transmission from the camera to a near-bye receiver for efficient law enforcement and military operations during day and night, when searching for temperature related signatures becomes necessary.

Concrete Armour Guard House and Ballistic Security Containers

unival's concrete-armour guardhouse is a special solution for all organizations operating in crisis areas in need of protection against military rifles and blast up to STANAG levels. The concrete-armour guardhouse/ security container is scalable to nearly any shape and size. Flexible planning with underground modules and with various configuration options including module stacking.


The completed guardhouse will be delivered to the customer site turn-key and can be integrated within shortest time avoiding sub-standard local construction works. It is usable in any environment (hot and cold climates), is extremely durable and can be moved to multiple locations with changing missions. The final design and size of the guardhouse can be customized to client specifications. Various interior designs can be accomplished directly during production ensuring turn-key usage.

unival® group will assist clients with flexible interior configurations according to the specification for multiple use as:
Command & Control room
IT & Security storage
Temporary camps

Turn-Key Delivery and Installation at Customers Site
Customised Equipment
Usable in any Environment
Portable and Durable


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