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Strings Security Limit offers expertise in providing solutions to counter terrorist and security related incidents, concentrating on identifying potential threats and then providing appropriate methods, training and equipment to ensure safety and minimise danger to staff and others likely to be affected. They specialise in providing accredited training and courses for explosives detection, bomb awareness and related issues, as well as providing the right equipment to deal effectively with the threat.

Formed in 1994 following the retirement of Managing Director Roger Ings from Sussex Police, Strings Security Limited is now in its 17th year of operation. Core activities have remained fairly constant and these include counter terrorist search training and equipment relating to this essential subject.

Explosive Detection Training / Security Search Training / Counter Terrorist Search Training

The importance of counter terrorist search in the constant battle against terrorism cannot be underestimated, as in addition to potentially locating IEDs, overt, systematic search activity also acts as a deterrent which need not be undertaken just by the police and military but also by progressive, trained security organisations. For many years counter terrorist search was peculiar to the UK where it had been developed as result of experiences in Palestine, Hong Kong and Northern Ireland. Increasingly, however, other countries are seeing its value and that it is a completely separate skill to EOD.

This allows scope for UK companies such as Strings to provide the necessary accredited explosive search training, IED awareness or the allied security search training. After all it is not only in the field of counter terrorism where search is effective. The simple systematic techniques can be applied to searches for drugs, contraband and a range of other items, whether they are hidden in a building, vehicle, train or in the open.

All trainers are exclusively ex-police and military.

Security Search Equipment

It is often said that the best piece of search equipment is the “number one eyeball” and to a large extent that is true. However, this adage can be enhanced considerably by the addition of suitable equipment. Strings can supply a wide range of good quality, sensibly priced search equipment from individual mirrors on extending poles, to complete search kits incorporating a range of mirrors, telescopic handles, torches, illuminated probes and endoscopes. Need to search under a vehicle? Look no further as a trolley mirror is available or, if you need something more sophisticated, an under vehicle search system can be supplied.

Add a range of hand held metal detectors, torches, searchlights and even explosive detection equipment and you have the basis for an effective search.

EOD Equipment

Having searched and perhaps found a device, there is then a need to safely and effectively deal with it. Strings can provide a full range of remote handling equipment from a wide range of hook and line, lightweight back packs and manipulators to jammers, electronic exploders and blast protection.

Portable Detection Equipment


If you want a system that’s economical, quick and easy to install and can be used practically anywhere, we recommend AutoGuard. This covert, portable intruder detection system requires no specialist knowledge and minimal training to use, yet it provides a precise, expandable solution to both indoor and outdoor security needs.


The Stealthguard is a specialist version of the market leading Autoguard Covert Detection System. Comprising eight rugged, palm sized, high quality passive infra-red detectors, this system can be easily and quickly deployed from a briefcase, or body worn 'ammunition' style pouches.


This product is used extensively by military and commercial entities throughout the world, providing both temporary and permanent intruder detection solutions. There are two models, the standard Sentor, where the alarm activation is sent to a hand held radio and the GSM Sentor, denoting that the alarm activation sends a message to a designated fixed or mobile telephone.

Specialist Security Operations

Strings has always maintained an operational capability utilising the relevant skills of ex-police and ex-military personnel. The advantage to this is that the expertise available ensures that problems are dealt with promptly and effectively and then reported, rather than merely reported without action being taken! This operational capability includes Business/Security Penetration, ECM (de-bugging sweeps), Risk/ Threat Analysis and Audits, Search and Contingency Planning, Explosives/Drugs/Contraband Searches, Threat Intelligence Digests, EOD/IEDD, Search Planning and Management, Contingency and Evacuation Management.

Rigid Inflatable Boats

A High Performance RIB aimed at the Police and Military markets. Also available in lengths ranging from 7.5 - 16 metres and the client’s individual specification requirements and fittings can be accommodated at the time of build.

This exciting and rapid RIB is based on a High performance Mike Ring design series hull that has been developed and refined over two decades into a purpose built commercial and military design that has attracted praise for its handling and rough water capability and yet retains the ability to afford a dry ride that lessens crew fatigue. Comfortably capable of speeds in excess of 60 knots.


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