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Intelligent Armour Limited provides tactical equipment solutions for individuals and teams.

Our clients range from Government Agencies, Armed Forces, Police, and the Private Security and Close Protection sectors Worldwide. Our aim is to supply the correct operational equipment at the best possible price, we seek to supply the most up to date field tested tactical products and body armour.

At Intelligent Armour Limited, we manufacture our own tactical body armour vests, ballistic plates and combat helmets in the UK. Our body armour systems are in use by a number of Government departments Worldwide, including the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for International Development (DFID).

Tactical Body Armour Vests

Designed specifically to meet the rigours of a hostile environment. Ideal for use as Police body armour, Combat body armour or Special Forces body armour, our range of tactical body armour is manufactured in either Kevlar or Dyneema and the styles available include those with additional side, shoulder, collar and groin protection.

Covert Body Armour

A selection of lightweight covert body armour vests from Kevlar and Dyneema. All of our covert body armour is suitable as undercover police body armour or as close protection body armour. Intelligent Armour Limited supply this body armour to a number of specialist military units and to UK Government departments.

We are also able to provide:

• Military and Police combat helmets - NIJ IIIA ballistic helmets
• Ops Core Combat Hemet Accessories for Military and Police combat helmets
• Demining EOD vests, aprons, helmets and visors for effective shielding during demining activities

Tactical Belts, Holster Belts and Combat Belts for Military
and Police Use

These tactical belts and military belts are suitable for the belt loops of most tactical trousers and for most tactical attachments (pouches, holsters etc). Intelligent Armour UKSF Riggers Belt and Combat Holster Belts are manufactured in the UK to full military specification and are suitable for Military, Police, Special Forces and emergency services.

Covert and Heavy Duty Combat Gloves for Tactical and
Military Assault Use

Our combat gloves are durable and hard-working with most styles including Kevlar gloves and NOMEX gloves and some with increased wrist coverage. Many of our military combat gloves are lightweight and ideal as patrol gloves, others are more suitable as Police gloves or as combat assault gloves.

Tactical Trousers in Hard-wearing Fabrics with Plenty of Pockets

Blackhawk trousers and Fjallraven trousers are ideal for Police, close protection and security work, our tactical military trousers feature numerous pockets in various sizes and locations, allowing you to have everything you need securely and easily to hand.  Tactical Trousers come in various colours that are available this may not be immediately obvious from the images below, but are available as a selection within the product.

Tactical Jackets, Shirts, Warm and Comfortable Tactical Jackets
with Added Pockets

All Blackhawk Jackets, Tactical Jackets and Fjallraven Jackets are suitable as Security jackets, Close Protection jackets and as Special Forces jackets. Our comfortable and hard-wearing tactical jackets are available in various styles and weights to suit all requirements and climates. Some jackets can even be used together for increased protection.

Combat Boots, Suitable for Police, Military and Airsoft Use

Intelligent Armour Limited have chosen this range of military boots on recommendation from our clients and on value and wear. This range includes Jungle Boots, Combat Boots, Desert Boots, mountain, patrol and Goretex Boots.

Lowa Boots - Danner Boots - Blackhawk Boots - Combat Boots - Police Boots

Ballistic Goggles - Ballistic Sunglasses - Ballistic Glasses

Intelligent Armour Limited are official stockists of ESS, Blackhawk, Bolle; and Tactical eyewear.  All of our Ballistic eyewear has been chosen from trusted brands that are in use with military, police and Special Forces Worldwide.

Load Carriage

MOLLE vests and Assault vests for easy access in military tactical operations. Our range of Karrimor SF tactical vests and Blackhawk vests are lightweight and durable, representing the ideal solution for multi-tasking in a high stress environment. All these Karrimor SF, 5.11 Tactical and Blackhawk MOLLE vests are suitable for Special Forces, Combat and Close Protection use.

Tactical Kit Bags, Lightweight and Sturdy Kit Bags for Storing and
Transporting All Of Your Critical Equipment

Our range of Blackhawk and SIG SAUER tactical kit bags is practical and right on target for their purpose with a number of well thought out features to make life easier during operations. We have recently added Offical SIG SAUER Range Bags to our range.

Blackhawk Hydration Systems

Blackhawk Hydration Systems and Blackhawk Hydration Rucksacks are among the best Hydration Systems in the world.  Highly respected and in use as Hydration Packs for a number of Military and Special Forces units worldwide. Blackhawk Hydration Systems are great value and are of high quality.

Tactical backpacks and combat rucksacks for all military operational requirements.

This range of Karrimor SF military bergens, BugOut Gear rucksacks, Blackhawk packs and Tactical backpacks and was picked based on the operational experience of our clients.  All of our military rucksacks has been chosen for quality and value and are some of the best combat rucksacks and military backpacks in the world.

Accessories Include:

• Covert Carry Rigs and Covert Holsters
• Tactical Pistol Holsters
• Weapon Slings
• Magpul Weapon Accessories
• Weapon cases
• Military Knives
• Gerber Tools
• Thigh Rigs
• Helmet Lights
• Torches
• Flashlights


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