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Telephonics Corporation has been serving the defense & aerospace industries for over 75 years. We are a global leader in high-technology electronic systems for military and commercial applications.

The company is organized into four operating divisions: Communication Systems Division, specializing in aircraft intercommunications, wireless and audio products; Radar Systems Division, specializing in maritime surveillance radar and identification friend or foe interrogators; Electronic Systems Division, specializing in air traffic management systems, landing and guidance systems, homeland security, and custom applications, and the Systems Engineering Group, provider of air and missile defense threat analysis, combat systems engineering and analysis, and radar systems engineering and software development.

Telephonics is your complete turnkey solution. Our womb-to-tomb capabilities include system requirements definition, design and development, manufacturing and testing, installation and integration, and life cycle logistical support. We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable, high quality, and cost effective equipment on the marketing today.

Homeland Security

ARSS-1 Ground Surveillance Radar

The ARSS-1 is a lightweight, low power, coherent ground based radar system used to detect ground and low flying airborne targets for the purpose of collecting intelligence information and detecting penetration during security activities. The ARSS-1 allows target detection and classification during day, night, and limited visibility conditions. An associated electro-optical system optimizes radar detection and classification of targets.

The ARSS-1 is ideal for establishing portable, fixed, or highly mobile surveillance operations in the demanding security, military and para-military applications. Operation in the field is simple and user friendly.

Mobile Surveillance System (MSS)

The Telephonics Mobile Surveillance System (MSS) is a fully integrated, rapidly deployable surveillance system, capable of operating either as a stand-alone system, providing detailed information of a selected region or networked together creating a “Virtual Fence.” System flexibility allows the MSS to be equally effective in al terrains and environments.

The MSS allows operators to manage a wide area of surveillance with multiple targets of interest with the click of a mouse. Operators can coordinate interventions at their advantage based on individual threats.

ThreatSTALKER™ Surveillance System

ThreatSTALKER™ was developed from our experience on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mobile Surveillance System program. The ThreatSTALKER Surveillance System (TSS) is a completely self-contained system of surveillance equipment designed to be transported to remote locations for long-range monitoring of people and vehicles. Sensor elements include the ARSS ground surveillance radar, thermal imaging video camera, and daylight telephoto video camera. Working with these sensors is a laser range finder and laser pointer. The sensors are mounted to a telescoping mast with a pan and tilt system to allow the sensors to point at targets as directed by the operator.

A central processor controls the sensors, and outputs the video and data onto the TSS displays. A ground sensor receiver and monitor system is provided to supply additional information on local movements.

All the information provided by the sensor suite is displayed and controlled by a laptop computer. A 15-inch LCD monitor is provided for high quality viewing of the video images from the thermal camera, day camera and bullet cameras.

Air Traffic Management


Telephonics has been leading supplier and systems integrator in the global CNS/ATM marketplace for over 40 years. Our AeroTrac® system is fully developed and fielded, and therefore ensures a low risk program and on-time delivery. It’s an advanced ATC system using an open architecture, and incorporates our premier multi-radar data processor, next generation flight data processor and advanced high resolution graphical controller workstation displays based on a robust COTS system architecture.

The AeroTrac ATM system is cost effective due to its scalability of design, and the software efficiently runs on standard computer workstations, thus assuring a highly efficient design, future expansion and upgrade potential.

Sky Search-2000M®

The Sky Search-2000M® combines our Sky Search 2000® SSR systems background and our advanced military MSSR technology to achieve superior target reporting for civil ATC applications.

The core design concept is “adaptability through modularity” and “interface flexibility”. The design of this system allows for quick and simple installation with radar processing capabilities that are adaptable to local site requirements.

Advances in technology have allowed these systems to become more reliable and flexible in their capabilities. Telephonics has adapted this design to meet civil ATC requirements using COTS components. The system meets the requirements for MSSR systems as defined by ICAO and the U.S. FAA.


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