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Electro-Optical Imaging, Inc. is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of high performance Automatic Video Trackers and fully integrated Tracking Systems.  With an unparalleled cadre of technical experts, E-O Imaging offers their customers specialized products and capabilities, including nonstandard video interfaces, high resolution graphics, trajectory and target simulators, weapons scoring systems, realtime image processing, sensor fusion and custom optics.


E-O Imaging offers a diverse line of off-the-shelf video trackers that are easily adapted to meet the most complex and demanding test range, tactical and surveillance applications.  These field-tested products incorporate an open architecture, enabling customer-specialized algorithms and functions to be easily incorporated into the tracker’s FPGA and DSP structure where they are performed in realtime without additional external hardware.


Trackers are available for VMEbus, PCI, PCI Express and custom platforms and interface with standard sensor formats, including RS-170, NTSC, PAL, CCIR and the latest digital sensor technology, such as Camera Link (base, medium, full), High Definition (HD-SDI) 720p, 1080i, 1080p and other nonstandard format sensors.


In a majority of system-level applications, E-O Imaging’s video tracker products form the core element of the system.  In addition to performing basic tracking functions, the trackers can operate as the system controller implementing functions, such as Camera/Lens control, target and trajectory simulation, mount control diagnostics, data logging and system diagnostics.



The Series 7000 family of video trackers is E-O Imaging’s latest line of video trackers demonstrating their ongoing commitment to leading edge tracker technology and is comprised of the following products.

    •    Model 7005/7006-CL  VMEbus Edge/Centroid/Correlation tracker
    •    Model 7005/7006-HD VMEbus Edge/Centroid/Correlation tracker
    •    Model 7007/7008 PCI Edge/Centroid/Correlation tracker
    •    Model 7010/7011 PCI-Express Edge/Centroid/Correlation tracker
    •    Model 7015 Conduction cooled Ruggedized VMEbus  Edge/Centroid/Correlation
    •    Model 7014 PCI-Express Video Tracker Simulator – used in training simulators
    •    PCI/PCI-e Video Interface Modules for HD-SDI, Camera Link and DVI-D video

The Series 7000 video trackers bring a new level of capability and performance to E-O Imaging’s video tracker product line.  The Series 7000 product line incorporates features, such as Camera Link full and HD-SDI video inputs, 5x5 Imaging Processing Kernel, multi-target detection and tracking, embedded Gigabit Ethernet, background clutter rejection, and the ability to handle 2Kx2K sensor formats to highlight a few.


To meet user demands for a high performance, low cost, small form factor tracker, E-O Imaging developed the Series 8000 miniaturized standalone trackers, which provide the full range of operational performance found in all 7000 Series products but are packaged in a minimized form factor (4.5 x 5.0 inches) requiring a single unregulated 6-28 VDC source. The Series 8000 products are designed primarily for surveillance and UAV applications or applications where size, power and cost are of primary concern.


To complement its extensive family of tracker products, E-O Imaging has completed the development of its next generation of video tracker products, the Series 8800. The Series 8800 design is based on the latest in DSP and FPGA technology incorporating a quad-core DSP, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, high speed serial port (up to 460 kb), color graphics and user-selectable video inputs (4), either analog or digital, and four (4) video outputs. With expanded DSP / FPGA capabilities, new features such as video over Ethernet, video compression and other advanced capabilities will be available to the user. The Series 8800 family of tracker products incorporates all of the features currently found in our Series 7000 video tracker products but with improved performance.


E-O Imaging’s video tracker products can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of custom applications.  Their highly-qualified staff of senior engineers is disciplined in:

  • Time, Space and Position Information (TSPI) Systems – Optical/Video and Radar-Based Computer Control/Processing Systems for Orbital, Ballistic Re-Entry and In-Air Targets TSPI Derivation
  • Command, Control and Communications – Communications System for TSPI and Range Parametric Information Dissemination; Parametric/Graphic Processing and Display Systems for Command/Control
  • Data Acquisition, Mensuration Systems – Systems for Collection of Parametric and Discrete Realtime Data; Wide Array of Requirements in Terms of Capacity, Performance, Capabilities, Accuracy, Pre/Post Calibration and Processing/Reduction Requirements


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