Vision4ce is a leading supplier of real time video and image processing solutions for electro-optic systems. This covers the supply of rugged hardware for harsh environments on land, at sea and in the air, along with integrated software solutions incorporating sophisticated image processing algorithms for object detection and tracking.

Video Tracking

A video tracker analyses video image sequences from a sensor system, mounted on a servo-controlled pedestal to keep the camera pointing at the nominated person or object. In this context the tracker has two functions, detecting and locating objects of interest in the video image, and controlling the platform (pan & tilt) position and rate such that the camera follows the designated object.

Tracking and Neural Networks

Neural networks are used to enhance detection and tracking, as well as obtaining classification information about the tracked objects.  With our dedicated inhouse deep learning capability, Vision4ce can assist with the entire deep learning process: Data collection, analysis, architecture selection, customisation, training and debugging, optimisation and runtime accelerators.

Vision4ce have developed a range of GPU based embedded platforms which are efficient for AI (Artificial Intelligence)  computing. In addition several software solutions such as our Video management software provide an architecture with rules based learning already that allows the trained AI process to be added into the existing frameworks

GRIP Rugged PC

Our rugged hardware includes our GRIP range of rugged PCs which utilise the latest Intel mobile processors, and can also incorporate powerful NVIDIA GPUs enabling high performance GPGPU processing. These computers are high performance computing platforms for image and video processing.  Based on cutting edge PC hardware which is packaged in rugged, sealed enclosures for use in harsh environment applications.

The GRIP PCs are rugged high-performance computer platforms for image and video processing based on industrial PC hardware which is packaged in rugged, sealed enclosures for use in harsh environment applications. The GRIP range uses high performance Intel Core i7 CPUs and can also include NVIDIA GPUs to support complex graphics requirements or high-performance computing.

Complementing our rugged hardware is:

DART software

The Vision4ce CHARM hardware products use the DART software hosted on an embedded multicore ARM processor module for complex video tracking and image processing requirements. The module, with its camera and display interfaces, is hosted on a carrier card which provides standardised video interfaces such as PAL, NTSC, YPbPr and HD-SDI for connection to the imaging sensors. If needed custom carriers can be provided to support other standardised video interfaces such as CameraLink, CoaxPress etc. The core CHARM Module can also be supplied for integration onto a host board.


The GRIP View (Video Management Software) is a comprehensive video management and image processing software suite for the control of electro-optical (EO) systems.  GRIP View is comprised of a number of standard software modules that can be custom configured to meet the end users requirements. This modular approach enables the rapid and cost-effective deployment of sophisticated video management solutions with customers only needing to purchase those modules required for their particular application.

The user interface and control methodology is designed to minimize the operator involvement, whilst maximizing the quality of the information available. The software’s Graphical user interface can display multiple video streams in a flexible layout that can be customized to meet operational requirements. The display features on-screen presentation of ancillary data and semi-transparent video overlays for important user interface items. An operator can interact with GRIP Video and hence the EO system using a combination of touchscreen, joystick and keyboard controls.

GRIP View also provides support for operation over an IP network and includes comprehensive support for the low latency distribution of video over an IP network.

Video Processing and Distribution Unit

The VPDU (Video Processing and Distribution Unit) is used for processing and distributing video in system comprising multiple video sources which need to be processed and routed to multiple video displays. A typical example is an armoured vehicle with EO sighting systems, driver cameras and situation awareness cameras, all of which need to be shared between different displays within the vehicle.

Digital Video Recorders

Vision4ce offer a range of specialised and bespoke DVR’s based on the Vision4ce GRIP hardware and VMS software. The DVR’s can include the following capabilities:

  • Recoding of un-compressed video
  • Recording of compressed video using H.264 and M-JPEG compression
  • Recording of metadata
  • Live pause, rewind, playback capability
  • Removable media
  • Bulk erase for rapid deletion of sensitive video
  • Encryption of recorded video
  • Selectable video input formats including PAL, NTSC, 3G/HD-SDI, YPbPr, CameraLink, HDMI, VGA, CoaXPress and GigE Vision
  • Network interface
  • Support for MPEG2-TS, RTSP, STANAG 4609 and DEF-STAN 00-82 video streaming
  • Direct display interfaces


Vision4ce offer an Image Processing framework for the CHARM 100 board.  The proposed framework provides video capture and display functionality and also includes an API definition for the implementation of alternative image enhancement algorithms.  The API allows the customer to develop their own C++ processing libraries and then use the framework to input video frames and output video and symbology to the selected video output.


At Vision4ce we are committed to providing efficient, competitively priced and responsive video and image processing solutions, in support of customers’ product development objectives.

All of our products are designed with customisation in mind to support the cost-effective implementation of application specific capabilities, as well as optimisation of the products for integration into a larger system.

Our multi-talented engineers have a strong background in the development, integration and deployment of solutions for challenging real-world image processing, video management and EO system control applications. Our collaborative approach allows customers to extend their development team and accelerate their ability to deliver on time and within budget. Vision4ce operates on an international basis and has extensive of programmes throughout the EU, North America and Asia.

We offer a price to performance ratio unmatched by conventional embedded rugged hardware and our extensive software libraries enable rapid deployment to market.

If there is anything you would like to discuss regarding our products and services then please do call or email us.  We are committed to your success!



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