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Rapidly deployable military bridge manufacturer, WFEL, has further strengthened its relationship with the U.S.
Supplier: WFEL Ltd
WEW, a THIELMANN company, has launched expanded Integrated Logistics Services for the support and refurbishment of tank container systems at its newly updated and expanded Weitefeld facility.
WEW, a THIELMANN company, has developed a new self-contained Fuel Storage and Dispensing (FSD) system for the remote refueling of land vehicles during deployed operations. 
Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group to manufacture Common Anti-Air Modular Missile Canisters for MBDAContract worth £13.5m
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Long range easy to fit, easy to use Hawkeye Vehicle System on stand S8-140A quick fit electro optical system designed for reconnaissance vehicles is launched at DSEI by Chess Dynamics on stand S8-140.
Production of Volvo designed axles for the Kerax 8x8 logistic support vehicle being supplied to the Canadian Defence Forces by Mack Defense, a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Defense, is starting at the Texelis facility in Limoges, France.
Uses experience of axles and running gear to develop modular approachNavan, Ireland, 12th September 2017; A new modular approach to developing bespoke steering systemsspecifically aimed at the heavy off-highway vehicle market is announced today at DSEI by Timoney.  Designed to be utilised on 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles, Timoney plans to offer solutions that can be integrated with any independent wheel movement axle system.
The T700 axle system, jointly developed by Texelis of France and Timoney of Ireland, is entering production following an extensive testing programme.The first customer to select the T700 is Yugoimport who have chosen the unit for the Milosh 4x4 launched at IDEX in February this year.  Yugoimport has placed a contract for 14 vehicle sets with delivery of the first production units during September this year.
Over 750 T900 axle sets have been produced by Texelis during the last 3 years at its production facilities in Limoges, France, the company announced today on stand N7-310 at the start of DSEI 2017.

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