BETA Transformer Technology Corporation & CISSOID partner to provide Rugged, High-Temperature and High-Reliability Intelligent Power Modules

Bohemia, New York (November 2016) BETA Transformer Technology Corporation (BETA), the world leader in high performance military and space qualified magnetic products, and CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions, partnered to develop compact and highly reliable Intelligent Power Modules (IPM). These modules are optimized for power converters and motor control within extreme environments, including aerospace, industrial, ground vehicles, automotive, and oil and gas. To meet the demanding environmental requirements, BETA developed high density transformer assemblies that combine multiple transformers into a single compact, rugged solution, with an extended temperature range of -55°C to +225°C. These compact transformer assemblies are ideal for board designs with limited space that are subjected to extreme thermal conditions. Furthermore, the transformers are optimized to provide the enhanced isolation, and extremely low parasitic capacitances associated with the fast switching SiC MOSFET transistors utilized.

DDC High-Temperature and High-Reliability Intelligent Power Modules

”With DDC and BETA, we found the right partners to develop high reliability and high temperature transformer solutions for our SiC IPM and gate drivers. They bring to CISSOID their long experience in developing signal and power transformers for data transceivers and power converters as well as their high quality manufacturing facilities”, stated Dave Hutton, CISSOID CEO.

Beta Transformer Benefits:

  • -55°C to +225°C extended temperature range
  • Isolation up to 2,500 VDC
  • Very low parasitic capacitances support high dV/dt
  • Optimized to work with HADES2® Isolated Gate

Our partnership with CISSOID reinforces BETA’s long-standing commitment to solving the most challenging magnetics application requirements, and resulted in us producing the highest density and thermal capacity magnetic solution available. “We believe that this first partnership with CISSOID will trigger others as we see various collaboration opportunities between DDC and CISSOID, e.g. the development of high temperature motor drive or power converter solutions for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications”, stated Frank Bloomfield, DDC VP Power Systems.

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